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July 21, 2023
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NEW YORK - MARCH 26: Actress Lauren Ambrose attends the after party for the opening night of "Exit the King" on Broadway at Sardi's on March 26, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Lauren Ambrose, was born on 20 February 1978, in New Haven, Connecticut USA, of Italian, German, Irish and English descent. She is a successful actress, probably best known for her appearances in such shows as “Law & Order”, “Six Feet under”, “Party of Five” and others. What is more, Lauren has appeared in a variety of movies, including “Starting Out in the Evening”, “A Dog Year”, “Cold Souls”, “Diggers” and others. During her career, Lauren has been nominated for and has won such awards as the Primetime Emmy Award, Teen Choice Award, Screen actors Guild Award, Saturn Award, Satellite Award and Independent Spirit Award. As Lauren is now 37 years old there is still a bright future waiting for her and she will probably appear in more shows and movies in the near future.

So how rich is Lauren Ambrose? It is estimated that Lauren’s net worth is $10 million. The main source of this sum of money is Lauren’s acting in the show called “Six Feet Under”. Of course, her other appearances also added to her net worth, but this show had the greatest influence on her fame and the money she has gained. As mentioned, Lauren is still quite young and she still can achieve a lot. There is a high chance that Lauren’s net worth will grow as she continues her acting career.

Lauren Ambrose Net Worth $10 Million

Lauren studied at the ACES Educational Center for the Arts and even learned opera singing at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. It is clear that from a very young age Lauren was attracted to different forms of art, so there is no surprise why that she chose the career of an actress. Lauren’s career began in 1997, at first appearing in different plays and in this way was able to improve her acting skills and gain a lot of experience. In 1997 Lauren was cast in her first movie role, in the film called “In & Out”. One year later Lauren appeared in the television show entitled “Law & Order”. This was the time when Lauren Ambrose’s net worth began growing.

In 2001, Lauren received an invitation to act in the show called “Six Feet Under”, which she accepted, and which was one of the best decisions in her life as this show brought her fame and fortune – yes, her net worth increased considerably. Lauren also had the opportunity to work with actors such as Peter Krause, Frances Conroy, Jeremy Sisto, Freddy Rodriguez and others. She was able to learn a lot from them and later use this experience in her subsequent projects.

When this show ended, Laurel again started appearing in various plays, such as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Awake and Sing!’, ‘Exit the King” and others. These appearances also added to Lauren’s net worth. In 2011 Ambrose started working on the show called “Torchwood: Miracle Day”, which made her even more famous.

In addition to her career as an actress, Lauren has a jazz band, called “Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class”. They are planning to release their debut album soon. Undoubtedly, this will bring even more success to Lauren.

While talking about Lauren Ambrose’s personal life, it can be said that Lauren is married to Sam Handel(2001) and the couple has two children. She and her family now reside in Massachusetts. Finally, Lauren Ambrose is a talented and hardworking woman. Lauren tries to achieve from life as much as she can and up till now she is doing this quite successfully. Hopefully, she will be able to maintain her success for a long time.

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