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August 18, 2023
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Kyle Orlando Massey was born on 28 August, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA of Africo-American descent. Kyle Massey has  been active in his career since 1999,  increasing his net worth while appearing as an actor, comedian and voice artist. In the music industry, Kyle Massey engages in both songwriting, and singing, as he is a rapper, too. The talented celebrity also performs as a dancer, model and magician.

So just how rich is Kyle Massey? Sources estimate that Kyle has managed to accumulate a net worth of $5 million from his many and varied activities in the entertainment industry.

Kyle Massey Net Worth $5 Million

Kyle Massey started his career in acting while playing as Cory Baxter in “That`s So Raven” from 2003 to 2007, and in ”Cory in the House” from 2007 to 2008. These TV sitcom series were aired on the Disney Channel, although “Cory in the House” was cancelled soon after it was released. In 2005 the Disney Channel released “Life Is Ruff” in which Kyle Massey also appeared. As it was an original movie of the Disney Channel, it added a great amount of income to Kyle Massey’s net worth. Kyle here also performed the soundtrack named “It`s a Dog”. The actor then appeared in the TV series for children “The Electric Company”, too, which ran on television from 2009 to 2011.

What has also expanded Kyle Massey’s net worth have been his performances in “The Practice” (2003), “The Parkers” (2003), “Dancing With the Stars” (2010), “Weird Girl” (2012), and “Gotham” (2014),  the television series created by Bruno Heller.

Massey voiced-over in “American Dragon: Jake Long” (2006 – 2007), and “Fish Hooks” (2010 – 2014).

As regards Kyle`s musical career, he added to his wealth while appearing on soundtracks, including Disney Channel Holiday and Shaggy Dog in which Kyle appeared with “Who Let the Dog Out”. Massey also sang the theme songs for “Cory in the House” and for the American–Canadian animated television series “Yin Yang Yo!”.

Kyle Massey is a famous dancer too: he was a participant in the 11th season of the American TV dance competition show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010, performing along with his partner, the American dancer and singer Lacey Schwimmer. With his final freestyle dance to the song “Tootsie Roll”, Kyle was complimented a great deal. In the 10th week of finals of the show, Kyle Massey also danced the foxtrot to “Feeling Good”, the tango to “If I Had You”, and the cha-cha-cha to the song named “Raise Your Glass”. During previous performances Kyle Massey had shown his skills in such dances as the rumba, Paso Doble, samba and jive. He finished the show in 2nd place, just behind the winners.

For the record, Massey`s brother Christopher Massey is also a rapper and an actor. In collaboration, the brothers formed the duo “The Massey Boyz” and performed rap. Because of this, Kyle Massey made his net worth somewhat larger. As for Christopher Massey as an actor, he performed in American television series “Zoey 101” (2005 – 2008) along with Jamie Lynn Spears.

Kyle Massey likes to keep his personal life private, so little is known of his non-professional life.

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