KRS-One Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Lawrence “Krishna” Parker is a Bronx, New York-born rapper, a recording artist as well as a producer who is best known for his work on the album “Criminal Minded”. Lawrence is better known by his stage name “KRS-One”. An Afro-American born on 20 August 1965, KRS is also a noted author. He has been active in the field of music since 1984.

A very popular face in the music industry when it comes to hip hop, how rich is KRS-One at the moment? As of 2015, KRS has amassed a net worth which is estimated to be $6 million. Obviously, his major source of income is his ongoing career in music, but apart from music, another strong source of his income is his authored books which are selling well in the market. Occasionally producing records has also been helpful to his rising wealth.

KRS-One Net Worth $6 Million

Raised in Brooklyn, KRS was drawn to music from an early age. To follow his dreams to become a successful musician, he left home at the age of sixteen and initially lived in homeless shelters. His musical career started when he met Scott Sterling (LaRock) who shared his dream, and the duo created Boogie Down Production; they released their debut album entitled “Criminal Minds” in 1987 which became KRS’s stepping stone towards a full time career music. By this time, Lawrence was already using his stage name KRS-One, which is an abbreviation for “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone”.

After the release of their album, Scott was shot dead in an external incident, and eventually KRS took hold of the group and started recording, although at this point in time he was mostly recording solo. Being a part of the group, Boogie Down Productions, KRS has released a total of six studio albums including “Edutainment” and “Sex and Violence” among others. In his solo career until now, he has released fourteen studio albums including “I Got Next”, “Kristyles”, and “Keep Right”. His most recent album was “Never Forget EP” which was released in 2013. All of these albums have been very significant in adding to KRS-One’s wealth.

For his contribution in the field of music, KRS has earned various reputable awards including two BET Hip Hop Awards, an Urban Music Award and many more.

Apart from his music, he is also noted for being an author of four of his books which include “. Mostly noted for his activeness in politics, he is popular for addressing political regards in his songs. Even though not extensively, his books have also added to KRS’s riches.

As for his personal life, KRS–One is an advocate against violence, and has made a name as a social activist who raises his voice against violence in every way possible. A vegan, KRS-One was married to Melodie(1987-92), and had a step son from his partner Simone who was found dead in his own apartment which was later clarified to be a suicide. For now, multi-millionaire KRS is living his celebrated life recording songs under the label Jive and being active in social works.

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