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June 6, 2023
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Kenneth D. Cole was born on the 23rd March 1954 in Brooklyn, New York City USA, of Jewish descent, and is a clothing designer. He is a recipient of the Theodore Roosevelt Corporate Award given by The Legal Aid Society of New York City in 2009. At the end of 2011, the Ride of Fame in New York City was dedicated to Cole. The designer has been active in the industry since the early 1980s.

How much is the net worth of Kenneth Cole? It has been reported by authoritative sources that the total size of his wealth is as much as $100 million, as of the data presented in the middle of 2016. Fashion designing is the main source of Cole’s fortune and popularity. Among his assets is his lavish house valued $14.5 million in Sutton Place, New York.

Kenneth Cole Net Worth $100 Million

To begin with, Kenneth was educated at John L. Miller Great Neck North High School. In 1976, he graduated from Emory College of Arts and Sciences of Emory University. In 1982, he was able to establish his own brand; he had not intended to continue the family business (his father was the owner of a shoe factory), as Kenneth believed that his calling in life was as a lawyer, but after finishing law school, he decided to pursue a career in fashion. At the beginning Kenneth did not have enough money to rent space to display his collection of shoes, so obtained permission for two places in the parking lot in front of the Hilton Hotel, and in just two days he was able to sell 40,000 pairs of shoes. In 1992, his company was listed as one of 200 Best Small Companies by Forbes magazine, and subsequently three more times. Currently, he personally controls 45% of Kenneth Cole Productions.

As a designer, Kenneth loves silhouettes that emphasize the figure, creating office silk tops and shoes; his designs combine the latest trends with functionality. The brand of Kenneth Cole identifies both urban and social style, and is a brand for those who feel the strength and appeal of big city lifestyle. Overall, Kenneth Cole Productions is the main source of Cole’s net worth as well as his popularity.

Cole became the first man in the fashion industry who spoke out about AIDS, and in a way, he became a lawyer of those infected with HIV. In 2005, he released the T-shirts “I have AIDS”, and “We All Have AIDS”. This collection was apparently released for those not infected with AIDS, and is an appeal to the whole of society, which lives as if in the Stone Age, and sometimes turning a blind eye to what is happening. In 2007, Cole participated in the campaign named “Awearness” to help to raise funds. In 2008, Kenneth Cole released a book “Awearness: Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference”.

Finally, in the more private life of the designer, he has been married to Maria Cuomo Cole since 1987; they reside in New York City, USA.

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