Kelly O’Donnell (Journalist) Net Worth

March 9, 2023
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Kelly O’Donnell, born on the 7th of May, 1965, is an American journalist who became known when she was the NBC News’ correspondent to the White House and Capitol Hill.

So how much is O’Donnell’s net worth? As of late 2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $8 million acquired from her years working as a journalist which now spans more than 25 years.

Kelly O’Donnell (Journalist) Net Worth $8 Million

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, O’Donnell is the daughter of Irish immigrants; her father Josh O’Donnell was a businessman, while her mother Kristien O’Donnell was a dancer; she has a sister named Jenny. She attended Mooch High School in Ohio, and later transferred to Gregory Advanced School. She was initially interested in acting and dancing, but she gained a scholarship to Northwestern University, where she studied journalism at the School of Education and Social Policy.

Right after graduation, O’Donnell’s career as a journalist started in the ‘90s, when she got a job at WJW TV in Cleveland, Ohio, as a reporter and anchor, and had the chance to work alongside Martin Savidge. Her early years in television helped jump-start her career and also her net worth.

In 1994, O’Donnell moved to NBC News and became well known for her controversial coverage for the network; she was one of the leading correspondents covering the 9/11 terrorist attack, reported on the space shuttle Columbia disaster, flew to Baghdad and Qatar during the Iraq war, and covered the Oklahoma City Bombing among others.

O’Donnell also became NBC News’ White House correspondent, covering the second term of George W. Bush. In 2008, she also became the show’s Capitol Hill correspondent during the 2008 presidential campaign season.

Some of the programs O’Donnell has participated in have included “The Chris Matthews Show”, “Weekend Today”, and the weekend edition of “The Nightly News”. Her work for NBC helped establish her career among the most prominent and well-known journalists of her time.

O’Donnell has been recognized for her work through the years; some of her most notable accolades include induction into the Ohio Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2004, similarly into the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in 2011, and winning an Emmy Award and a New Hampshire Primary Award for Political Reporting, to name a few. Her school also gave her recognition in 2014, receiving the year’s Alumnae Award.

Today, O’Donnell is still active in news reporting, currently appearing in shows including “NBC Nightly News”, “Today”, “MSNBC”, and “Meet the Press”; her net worth continues to rise.

In terms of her personal life, O’Donnell is married to photographer J.David Ake.

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