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Kathy Ireland is a Glendale, California-born American entrepreneur and former supermodel who has managed to make a business empire out of her talent and passion. Born on 20 March, 1963, as Kathleen Marie Ireland, she was active as a dominating model in the 80s and 90s, but now she is more famous as a businesswoman.

The supermodel turned business tycoon, how rich is Kathy Ireland? Kathy currently enjoys a net worth of $450 million which she amasses mostly from her business empire which operates under the name “Kathy Ireland Worldwide”, as well as her previous modelling career. Her company caters to different household and fashion related needs of her customers which range from furniture to clothing (like) and many more items. This business founded and owned by Kathy earns tens of millions towards her net worth every year with its rising popularity.

Kathy Ireland Net Worth $450 Million

Kathy was raised in Santa Barbara, California where she did some odd jobs as a child, like selling coloured stones and distributing papers in the mornings, perhaps the start of her net worth. Her interest towards modelling began when she was in her high school, and her mesmerizing body and attitude has only helped her to land as a model in the Elite Modelling Agency. Eventually, Kathy went on to feature on “Sports Illustrated” magazine cover in 1984, which happened to be her first claim to fame, and she became a household name. Kathy lived an exciting and successful modelling career through several years until 1998, when she shifted her focus towards business and left her modelling career behind, but which had nonetheless contributed significantly to her net worth.

Kathy initiated her business career in 1993 with some clothing lines, and then founded her own company – “Kathy Ireland Worldwide”, popularly known as “KIWW”. Her business has been growing extensively, and has made her a business mogul. Thanks to KIWW, Kathy is also noted as the richest model given the success she found in modelling as well as in her business sector. Kathy Ireland Worldwide now renders services including furniture, clothing, fashion, make-up, jewellery and many more. As the business is fully owned by Kathy, she has been considered as a super mogul, and has been featured by different reputable magazines, including “Vogue” and “Forbes” among others. Her net worth continues to grow from these activities.

Apart from her modelling and business life, Kathy is also prominent in television and movies as an actress, as well as a reality television star. Kathy started appearing in movies in 1988, and has had roles in movies like “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, “Necessary Roughness”, “Backfire” and many more. She has appeared in many television programmes and series as well, which include “The Fantastic Four”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Once upon a Christmas”, “Touched by an Angel” and other series, in total over 40 film and TV roles. On a recent note, she was seen as a participant on the reality TV dance competition “Dancing with the Stars”. Of course these appearances have also added to Kathy’s net worth.

Talking about her personal life, Kathy has been married to a physician named Gregory Olsen since 1988, and with whom she shares three children. A philanthropist by heart, Kathy is very active in different charities, most of which work for (the) sick children, and various medical research projects. For her efforts, the school of design at the American Continental University has bestowed an honorary master of fine arts degree on Kathy.

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