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August 25, 2023
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Kale Lynne Nauta is a Salem, Oregon-born American actress, singer and model who is better known as “Katie Nauta” in her field of work. Born on 29 April 1982, Kate is probably best known for her role as Lola in the movie “Transporter 2”. A popular name in the entertainment industry, Kate has been active in the field of acting since 2005 and has been active as a model since she was fifteen years old.

A well-known name in the field of modelling and acting, how rich is Kate Nauta as of 2015? At the present, Kate has been counting her net worth at a decent amount of $500,000. Needless to say, the major source of her income is her successful career in entertainment, which has already been a part of her life for the past ten years.

Kate Nauta Net Worth $500,000

Kate was raised in Woodburn, Oregon. She was inclined towards modeling and the entertainment business as a teenager, and at the age of fifteen, Kate decided to have make a career in modelling. She was the winner of U.S. Elite Model Look contest in 1999, and also managed to go to the finals in France for the same competition, where she unfortunately could not win. Still, after this, Kate started becoming popular and modelled for various famous brands. Of course, at this time, her net worth began to rise.

During her modelling career, Kate has modelled for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch Co., L’Oreal, Versace and more clothing brands. She has also appeared in advertisements for the technology company “Motorola”. All of these brands have not only added to the success of Kate’s modelling career and established her as an internationally recognized face, they have also helped her add to her riches in a significant way.

In 2005, Kate directed her career towards acting and debuted in the movie “Transporter 2” where she played the role of Lola, one of the lead characters. As the movie went on to become successful at the box-office, Kate now found fame as a Hollywood actress. Her next movie, “The Game Plan”, which released in 2007, also helped Kate hold on to her popularity gained from her first role. After that, she has been a part of many other Hollywood movies including “The Good Guy”, “Choose”, “Nine Miles Down”, “Avalanche Sharks” and more. Of course, all of these movies have added a lot to her net worth over time.

Apart from modelling and Hollywood, Kate has also been a part of television as she appeared in the web series “Fear Clinic” which aired in 2009. Also, she has sung and written lyrics for quite a few songs such as “Revolution”, which was included in the soundtrack of movie “Transporter 2”.

As for her personal life, this 33 year-old entertainer is still single and has been enjoying her success in Hollywood as well as in modelling. Needless to say, her present net worth of $500,000 has been helping her by catering to her everyday needs.

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