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February 25, 2023
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Mark Justin Roiland was born on 21 February 1980, in Stockton, California USA, and is a producer, actor, animator, writer and director, probably best known for his work on the animated TV series ‘’Rick and Morty’’. In addition to that, he is a synchronous speaker.

So just how rich is Justin Roiland, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Roiland’s net worth is as high as $2 million, accumulated from his over a decade long career in the entertainment industry.

Justin Roiland Net Worth $2 Million

Roiland attended Sierra High School, and later transferred to Manteca High School. Having matriculated in 1998, he enrolled into Modesto Junior College. In 2004, he started working with Channel101, making several movies with them. In the same year, he made five other appearances, including in ‘’Friends and Lovers’’ and ‘’PJ and Kid Spaceship’’. In 2005, he portrayed various characters in four episodes of ‘’House of Cosbys’’, and also starred in ‘’The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations’’, a mini television series. In 2006, Justin made an appearance in ‘’Tenacious D: Time Fixers’’, a short movie created as a promotional tool on the iTunes website, and in the same year starred as King Snyder / Reginald in ‘’Christmas World 2050’’. Roiland was certainly busy during this time, and he eventually made seven other movie and television appearances, including in ‘’Pretty President’’ and ‘’Opportunity Knockers’’, all contributing to his net worth.

During 2006 and 2007, Roiland acted in ‘’Classroom’’, a short comedy television series, and in 2007 portrayed several differing characters in ‘’Acceptable TV’’, which received mostly positive responses, and holds a score of seven point three out of ten stars on IMDB. In the same year, he began working on ‘’ The Sarah Silverman Program: Animated Webisodes’’, providing voice recordings for a total of nine episodes of the show. In 2009, he played Cadet Moore in the short comedy movie entitled ‘’Marooned?’’ written and directed by Ryan Nagata, then provided the voice for several characters in ‘’ Adventure Time’’. In 2012, he wrote ‘’Dog World’’, and provided a voice for the role of Peter. As of the next year, he started working on his perhaps best known project so far, co-writing and occasionally starring in ‘’Rick and Morty’’, an Adult Swim animated television series; Justin is the synchronous speaker for both of the main characters, with his performance earning him an award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series in 2013. The series is still running and is praised by the critics and the audience, and as of late 2017, it holds a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and nine point four out of ten stars on IMDB, plus having received nominations for Annie Award for Best General Audience Animated TV/Broadcast Production, and Teen Choice Awards for Choice Animated show.

In 2015, Justin provided audio recordings for the duo in ‘’The Simpsons’’, and in 2016, he worked on ‘’Uncle Grandpa’’, played Blendin Blandin in ‘’Gravity Falls’’, and was the voice behind Blitzball in the 2017 video game ‘’Law Breakers’’. As of today, he is still creating new ‘’Rick and Morty’’ episodes.

In his personal life, Justin is known to be dating Abbie Maley. Justin is the owner of two dogs, and his dog Jerry was the inspiration for Snuffles, a character in ‘’Rick and Morty’’.

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