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March 6, 2024
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Jurnee Diana Smollett is a New York-born American actress best known for her portrayal of Merriweather in the series “Friday Night Lights”. Born on 1 October 1986, Jurnee was raised in a Jewish family and boasts African-American, Polish and Russian ancestry. A well-known actress on American television, Jurnee has been actively entertaining us since 1991.

One of the most popular actresses on television, one may wonder how rich is Jurnee at the present? As of early 2016, Jurnee counts her net worth at the amount of $2 million. Obviously, she has amassed most of her wealth from being involved in the film industry for more than two decades. Starting out as a child actress, Jurnee’s successful journey on television as an actress has been the most significant in making her a multi-millionaire as of now.


Jurnee Smollett Net Worth $2 Million

Raised in New York, Jurnee started acting at the very young age of five. She and her siblings appeared in the series “On Our Own” between 1994 and 1995. Since then, she has appeared in several successful television series, including “House”, “Full House”, “Cosby”, “ER”, “Wanda At Large” and more. More recently, Jurnee is popular for performing in television series like “Friday Night Lights”, “The Defenders”, “True Blood” and “Parenthood” among others. Needless to say, all of these projects have been significant in adding to Jurnee’s net worth over the years.

Alongside television, Jurnee has also managed to become prominent in Hollywood. Until today, she has been a part of eight movies including “Beautiful Joe”, “Roll Bounce”, “The Great Debaters”, “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” and several others. Jurnee has also been a part of successful movies like “Jack” and “Hands of Stone” and starred as Eve Batiste in the movie “Eve’s Bayou”. All of these movies have not only helped Jurnee become a multi-millionaire actress, but have also helped her become more prominent and successful in the industry.

During her career, Jurnee has been rewarded with several prestigious awards including a Critic’s Choice Awards for Best Young Performance for her role in the movie “Eve’s Bayou”, and a San Diego Film Critics Society award for Best Supporting Actress for the same role. In 2008, she also won NAACP Image Awards in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Motion picture for her performance in “The Great Debaters”. In addition to these, she has also been nominated several times for prestigious awards including Teen Choice Awards and Young Artist Awards. More recently, Jurnee is active on television as a main cast of the series “Underground”.

As for her personal life, Jurnee Smollett has been married to musician Joshua Bell since 2010. She is active in HIV/AIDS causes and research, and is on the Board of Directors for Children’s Defense Fund. As of now, she enjoys her career as a successful actress on television as well as in Hollywood while also being an activist. Moreover, the actress’s present net worth of $2 million caters to her daily life in every way possible.

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