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February 3, 2023
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June Lockhart was born on the 25th June 1925, in New York City, USA of English and Canadian descent, and is an actress, probably still best known for starring in the role of Ruth Martin in “Lassie” (1958-1964), portraying Maureen Robinson in “Lost In Space” (1965-1968), and as Dr. Janet Craig in the TV sitcom “Petticoat Junction” (1968-1970). She is also known for winning two Emmy Awards and a Tony Award. Her career has been active since 1938.

Have you ever wondered how rich June Lockhart is, as of late 2016? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total size of June’s net worth is over $10 million, which has been accumulated through her successful career as a film and stage actress.

June Lockhart Net Worth $10 Million

June Lockhart was born to Gene Lockhart and Kathleen Arthur Lockhart, both of whom were actors, so she made her debut appearance on the stage when she was only eight years old, in a Metropolitan Opera production of “Peter Ibbetson”. One part of her childhood she spent in her hometown, as her family later moved to California, where she went to the Westlake School for Girls.

She continued to appear on stage throughout her career, in such plays as “For Love or Money”, and “Kin Hubbard”, among others. However, she also launched a career on-screen, and until the present day has appeared in 170 film and TV titles; her debut happened in 1938, when she appeared with her parents in the film “A Christmas Carol”, and two years later she featured in “All This, and Heaven Too” (1940). During the 1940s, June built a name for herself with roles in such films as “Sergeant York” (1941), “Meet Me in St. Louis” (1944), “She Wolf of London” (1946), and “Bury Me Dead” (1947) among others, which only helped her gain popularity, and increase her net worth.

During the 1950s, June stood out as a young and talented actress, and focused on TV series, making appearances in such titles as “Robert Montgomery Presents” (1951-1957), “The United States Steel Hour” (1954-1959), and in the role of Ruth Martin in the TV series “Lassie” (1958-1964), which launched her further into the acting world. She repeated her role of Ruth in films “Lassie`s Great Adventure” (1963), and “Lassie: A Christmas Tail” (1963), and a year after the show ended, she got the part of Maureen Robinson in the TV series “Lost in Space” (1965-1968), followed in 1968 when she started portraying Dr. Janet Craig in the TV series “ Petticoat Junction” (1968-1970), which only increased her net worth.

With the beginning of the next decade, June returned to big screen in the film in “But I Don`t Want to Get Married!” (1970), starring Shirley Jones and Herchel Bernardi. She made several more appearances in films during the decade, including in “Who Is the Black Dahlia” (1975), directed by Joseph Pevney, “Just Tell Me You Love Me” (1978), “The Gift of Love” (1978), by Don Chaffey, and “Walking Through the Fire” (1979), all of which added further to her net worth.

Nothing changed for June in the `80s as she continued with film roles in “Butterfly” (1982), starring Stacy Keach and Orson Welles, “The Capture of Grizzly Adams” with Dan Haggerty and Kim Darby, and “The Big Picture” (1989). Although already in her seventh decade of life, age didn`t stop her from landing new roles, as she featured in such successful films as “Sleep With Me” (1994), “The Colony” (1995), and ‘Lost in Space” (1998), starring Gary Oldman, William Hurt and Matt LeBlanc, and directed by Stephen Hawkins. Her net worth was certainly maintained.

June remains active in the new millennium, appearing in “The Thundering 8th” (2000), continuing with the roles in “Au Pair II” (2001), “Holiday in Handcuffs” (2007), “Zombie Hamlet” (2012), and most recently “The Remake” (2016) in the lead role, alongside Sally Kellerman and Patrika Darbo, all of which have also increased her net worth.

Thanks to her skills, June received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for both film and television. Also, she was nominated twice for the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award, for her work on “Lassie”.

If to talk about her personal life, June Lockhart has been married twice. Her first husband was Dr. John Francis Maloney (1951-1959), with whom she has two daughters – Anne Lockhart and Lizabeth Lockhart – both of whom are involved in the acting world. Her second husband was John Carl Lindsay from 1959 to 1970. She is also known as an Ambassador of the California State Parks system.

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