Jorge Paulo Lemann Net Worth

June 24, 2023
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So how is to be a richest man in Brazil? Is it luck, success or hardworking man`s life example? Here you are – Jorge Paulo Lemann. The last known his estimated net worth is $21.9 billion as of May 2014. And comparing to last years` results the number is all the time increasing. Lemann was born on August 26, 1939 in the south Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Interesting fact that Paul Lemman is half Swiss from fathers` side, who also was a banker. Lemann was graduated from Harvard University in Economis 1961, although Lemann mentions that he didn’t like Harvard so much.

Jorge Paulo Lemann Net Worth $21.9 Billion


Not because of education of lectors but just because he hated the cold, and probably youth soul was screaming to come back to the waves as soon as possible. So this little defect of weather pushed young Lemonn to be a bit more flexible and creative if he wants to come back to Rio. Lemonn designed a system of university to make his bachelor`s degree in just three years. He was all the time very sociable and willing to communicate, so he never wasted his time on the way to university. He was talking to students who`d already taken it. He found out that exams varied just a little from year to year, so then everything became easier. And in three years he came back to waves but also straight after studies started to work as trainee at Credit Suisse in Geneva.

Lately in 1971 Paul with few partners founded “Brazilian Goldman Sachs” Banco Garantia, how it appeared as a big start in a big a career. Just 27 years later Banco Garantia was sold to Credit Suisse First Boston for $675 million. You can hardly imagine how one person is able to manage so much: he is a floorboard member of Lojas Americanas S.A therefore the founder board member of the Gillette Company, also chairman of the Latin American Advisory Committee of the New York Stock Exchange. And already in 2008 he earned approximately $46 billion. Together with Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira he owned a shareholder of Brazilian breweries (Brahma and Antractica) that became later as AmBev and that`s how they started to supervise 65% of the Brazilian beer market. In 2010 Lemann with the same partners whom he was working already long time, made another partnership with billionaire Eika Batista and bought the Burger King. In the same year Lemann also owns 3G Capital.

Jorge Paulo Lemman donated $16.5 million to the University of Illinois to establish the Lemman Institute. The main aim is to improve Brazilian Studies Institute. To improve standards, attitudes of education in whole Brazil, to his idea it was already too inveterate and pioneer, so to upgrade it to next generation, to follow the leaders of Brazil. One more interesting fact to mention that Lemonn was a onetime tennis champion and even played at Wimbledon. One of the most favourite water sport is surfing. And this is not the end. Seems that one of the wealthiest man in the world has to be busy 24 for 7, but yes he has wife and five children with whom he lives in Brazil.

So what is this? Luck? Success? or hardworking man`s life example? Or maybe all together?
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