Jordan Belfort Net Worth

May 1, 2023
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Jordan Ross Belfort, commonly known as Jordan Belfort, is a famous American screenwriter, film producer, motivational speaker, as well as an author. To the public, Jordan Belfort is perhaps best known as the owner of “Stratton Brokerage”, a brokerage firm which he co-founded with his friends. Over the years, the firm became notorious for its stock issues and public offerings. Consequently, the controversy related to “Stratton Brokerage” inspired the release of “Boiler Room”, Ben Younger’s crime drama film with Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi and Ben Affleck in the main roles. Around the same time, Belfort became heavily involved with drugs, namely methaqualone, as a result of which he became an addict. To add to his problems, his company “Stratton Brokerage” was shut down in 1995, while Jordan Belfort served a 22-month sentence in prison for money laundering and securities fraud. When he left prison, Belfort took up a job as a motivation speaker, and took part in various public motivational talks.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth -$100 Million

A well-known screenwriter, as well as a motivational speaker, how rich is Jordan Belfort? According to sources, Jordan Belfort’s net worth is estimated to be -$100 million. His wealth decreased significantly due to his conviction for money laundering and fraud, for which he not only had to spend time in prison, but also pay off approximately $100 million in restitution to people who were affected by the fraud.

Jordan Belfort was born in 1962, in New York City, United States, where he studied at a public high school, and then intended to study at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. He left the college after the first day, and instead enrolled in the American University, where he studied biology. When he graduated, Belfort took up a job of selling seafood and meat, which initially seemed like a profitable business opportunity. Eventually, Belfort’s attempt at earning a living as a salesman failed, following which he joined an investment banking firm called “L. F. Rothschild”, where he worked for a brief period of time before the firm collapsed due to the stock market crash in 1987. Consequently, Belfort founded “Stratton Oakmont”, which contributed to his notoriety. After he was convicted for fraud and money laundering, and served his prison sentence, Jordan Belfort went on to write a memoir entitled “The Wolf of Wall Street”, which was published in 2007. The memoir inspired the release of a black comedy film of the same name, in which the main characters were played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, and Kyle Chandler. The film proved to be a major critical and commercial success, with more than $392 million grossed at the box office worldwide. In 2009, Belfort released his second book called “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street”.

In regards to his personal life, Jordan Belfort was married to Denise Lombardo, who he later divorced. He then married the well-known model Nadine Caridi, with whom he has two children. Upon their divorce in 2005, Belfort became engaged to Anne Koppe.

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