Jonah White Net Worth

March 12, 2024
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Jonah White was born in 1988 in the USA, and is a businessman and entrepreneur who is most famous for being the co-founder of Billy Bob Teeth Inc. – one of today’s leading company’s specialized in making and selling joke and novelty products. Jonah White and his Billy Bob Teeth Inc are widely recognized for their eponymous trademark product, which has sold over 20 million pieces.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this business has accumulated so far, by making people ugly? How rich Jonah White is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Jonah White’s net worth, as of mid-2017, exceeds the sum of $50 million, including assets such as 1,400-acre property in Calhoun, County, Illinois.

Jonah White Net Worth $50 million

Jonah was raised in quite a wealthy family of rebellious activists, whose romance began when they were both imprisoned for protesting against nuclear testing. According to some sources, in his early childhood Jonah and his parents lacked even basic necessities such as food and clothing, barely making ends meet. Jonah attended Missouri State University – where he also excelled at American Football – and from which he graduated majoring in biology. Despite skills and talents, a professional NFL career never happened and he was forced to figure out what to do with his life. After spending almost an entire year living in a cave, bonding with nature and clearing his mind, Jonah returned to civilization.

During one visit to his former college in the fall of 1993, Jonah attended an American Football game when it finally clicked – he was sitting in the crowd, surrounded by 15,000 people watching a hillbilly mascot, with the ugliest teeth ever seen, and how with the confidence of a rock star flirts with the audience, when the idea was born – the idea for fake novelty teeth! After the game, he eventually met Rich Bailey, a dental student wearing the hillbilly’s costume, and the rest is history – Billy Bob Teeth Inc. was founded. Jonah faked an appearance of being a dental student at the Southern Illinois University’s School of Dental Medicine where he, alongside his new friend and business partner Rich Bailey, began to make a prototype of what later became their trademark product, sold in over 150 countries all over the world. This venture provided the basis for Jonah White’s current net worth.

In the course of the next several years under the guidance of Jonah White, Billy Bob Teeth Inc. has become one of the leading novelty and gag gift manufacturers in the world, enriching its range of products with over 300 other items such as Russian-Roulette Revolver, fake tongues, noses and moustaches, stunt glasses and numerous other novelties which are nowadays sold through retail chains in all corners of the world. Rich Bailey left the company in 1999, in order to pursue his dental practice career full time, which made Jonah White the most successful businessman in the world of fake novelties, whose net worth currently revolves around the sum of $50 million.

Apart from those already mentioned above, Jonah White has also starred in the 2014 TV series “Billy Bob’s Gags to Riches”, and in one episode of the “Wake Up Call” TV series in 2015. He has also published one book – “The Billy-Bob Secret To Life” – which has no doubt added to his net worth.

When it comes to his personal life, Jonah White has been married to Renee, who he met while touring Australia in 1996, seeking for business deals, and with whom he has welcomed four children. Currently, with his family, Jonah resides on his 1,400 acre ranch, surrounded by nature and keeping 200 exotic animals, including black bears and zebras.

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