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February 28, 2023
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Joely Fisher, born on the 29th of October, 1967, in Burbank, California USA, and is an actress who became famous for her roles in the television series “Ellen” and “’Til Death”.

So how much is Fisher’s net worth? As of mid-2017, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $10 million, acquired from her years working as an actress in film, television and on stage.

Joely Fisher Net Worth $10 Million

Fisher was born into a family of actors and performers. Her parents, Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher, were both in the field of acting and singing. Her sister Tricia and now deceased half-sister Carrie were also in show business. Unfortunately, when she was two years old, her parents divorced, that led her and Tricia to live and travel with their mother.

While touring with her mother, Fisher was able to matriculate from Beverly Hills High School; she later attended Emerson College, and spent a semester at the University of Paris.

Fisher pursued a career in acting, despite her mother’s warning. Her first project came in 1987 in the comedy “Pretty Smart”, in which she acted with her sister Tricia. She was then able to get more movie roles in the early ‘90s, such as “Dedicated to the One I Love” and “I’ll Do Anything”. Her early years acting on the big screen set up her career and also her net worth.

After acting in movies, Fisher started transitioning into television, and made guest appearances in various shows, including “Growing Pains”, “Caroline in the City”, “Blossom”, “The Golden Palace”, “Grace Under Fire”, “The Outer Limits”, and “Coach” over a period of several years.

Fisher’s career was catapulted into the spotlight later on, when she became part of the television show “Ellen”, playing the role of Paige Clark, best friend of the lead character played by comedian Ellen DeGeneres. The show became one of the most iconic in television history, having one of its characters come out of the closet. The show lasted until 1998, and led to her first Golden Globe nomination. Her years in the TV industry certainly increased her net worth.

During her time in “Ellen”, Fisher also used her singing prowess, and she played replacement roles in Broadway, in “Grease” in 1994 and Cabaret in 1998. She also starred in the movie “Inspector Gadget” opposite Matthew Broderick in 1999.

In the early 2000s, Fisher went back to television and became part of the Lifetime series “Wild Card”, in which she played an insurance investigator from 2003 to 2005. She also had several appearances in the television show “Desperate Housewives”. In 2006, she was cast in the sitcom “’Til Death”.

In terms of her personal life, Fisher has been married to Christopher Duddy, a cinematographer since 1996, and they have five children; two from Duddy’s previous marriage, two from their marriage, and one adopted. Aside from being a terrific actress, Fisher is also a philanthropist; she is known as an ambassador for the foundation “Save the Children”.

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