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April 25, 2023
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Jeremy Michael London, born on 7th November 1972 in San Diego, California USA, is well known for his big roles in the film and television industry. He has been featured in several films, playing a major role in‘7th Heaven’ and ‘Party of Five’ (both drama series), and a subordinate role in the popular ‘Gods and Generals.’

Are you wondering what the total net worth of Jeremy London is, as of early 2016? The star is estimated by sources to be worth $100,000. He has secured a high profile role in the film industry, having received three People’s Choice Awards, and three Telly Awards for ‘Secrets Through the Smoke’ which he directed in 2001. Aside from those mentioned above, some of the films that have immensely contributed to his great wealth include ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and the ‘The Devils Dozen,’ his directorial feature film debut in 2012.

Jeremy London Net Worth $100,000

Jeremy London was born to Debbie who was a waitress by occupation, and Frank London who was a sheet metal worker. He is an identical twin to Jason London and an elder brother to Debra London. Though born in San Diego, Jeremy was raised in Texas, in a suburb town called Desoto, although he moved many times with his mother after her divorce from Frank. He started taking acting classes at an early age back in Desoto.

Jeremy was first featured in ‘The Man in the Moon’ in 1990, playing a stunt double for Jason. He then played his first speaking role in the made–for-TV film ‘In Broad Daylight’,’ in which his sister, Debra also played a part. ‘I’ll Fly Away,’ a 1991-1993 drama series marked Jeremy’s first and second major roles in television, playing the role of Nathan. In 1995, he also played a role in “Mallrats” film, acting as T.S. Quint. He also featured in the ‘Party of Five,’ playing the role of Griffin from 1997 for three seasons. In 2002, he took the role of Chandler Hampton in the “7th Heaven”, which ran for three years. Other notable appearances have been in “Tell Me You Love Me” in 2007, “Wolvesbayne” and “The Terminators” both in 2009, and “Hollywood and Wine” in 2010.

Jeremy was also the subject of an episode of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” also in 2010, which dealt with his treatment for addiction to various drugs. This followed a rather bizarre kidnapping of Jeremy in Palm Springs by Brandon Adams, who was subsequently sentenced to jail. His admitted addictions may explain his relatively low net worth from what has been a quite successful career.

However, during a career so far spanning over 25 years, Jeremy has appeared in almost 60 films, made-for-TV films, and TV series, establishing his net worth and his popularity with both audiences and directors.

In his personal life, Jeremy London married Melissa Cunningham in September 2006, and they have a son but divorced in 2011. Jeremy subsequently married Juliet Reeves June 2014, and they both have a son born also in June 2014.

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