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April 18, 2024
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Jennifer Leigh Morrow, born on the 5th of February 1962 and known as Jennifer Jason Leigh, is an American actress, writer and director best known for her roles in the films “Single White Female”, “Georgia”, and most recently “The Hateful Eight”.

So how much is Leigh’s net worth? As of 2016 it is reported by sources to be $5 million, gained mostly from her long career in Hollywood.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Net Worth $5 Million Dollars

Born in Hollywood, California, Leigh came froma talented family: her father Vic Morrow was an actor, her mother Barbara Turner was a screenwriter, and her sisters Carrie Ann Morrow and Mina Badie, are both in Hollywood too. Leigh began acting at a really young age, starting in commercials, and then television and movie productions including a bit role in the movie “Death of a Stranger”. She decided to hone her acting skills and joined the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in New York, led by acclaimed actor Lee Strasberg.

After her training in New York, Leigh was able to book minor projects like “The Best Little Girl in the World” and the thriller “Eyes of a Stranger” in 1981, but her breakout role as a young actress came in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, playing a pregnant teenager. Her performance in this film opened more doors and started to build her net worth.

After playing teenager roles, Leigh transitioned into more mature projects and starred in movies like “Last Exit to Brooklyn” and “Miami Blues”, in which she garnered a couple of awards for her performances. In 1992, after her two award-winning movies, she once again surprised fans with her performance in the blockbuster hit “Single White Female”, playing the iconic psychotic roommate of Bridget Fonda. Another memorable performance by Leigh came in 1995 when she played the lead role in the film “Georgia”, as the drug-addicted punk rock singer character of Sadie, who is living in her sister’s shadow. Her performance both in acting and singing the songs in the movie gained her praises and even awards. The success of the movie also meant the same in her career, helping her wealth tremendously.

Leigh continued to star in more movies like “Kansas City”, “Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle”, and “Washington Square”. She also acted on Broadway, playing in several productions including “Cabaret”, “Proof” and “Abigail’s Party” to name a few.

Leigh is still active in acting, her most recent projects include the television series “Weeds” and acted in a couple of episodes in the show “Revenge”. In 2015, Leigh once again made big waves in Hollywood when she was included in Quentin Tarantino’s movie “The Hateful Eight”, playing the role of Daisy Domergue or “The Prisoner”. Her performance earned a number of nominations and awards, even getting her a first Oscar nomination.

All in all, Leigh has made over fifty films, appeared in almost 30 TV productions, and well into double figures on the stage, making her one of the most respected actresses not only in Hollywood.

In terms of her personal life, Leigh married director and writer Noah Baumbach in 2005; they have a son together, but divorced in 2013.

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