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April 18, 2024
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Dolores Janney Rivera was born on 2 July 1969, in Long Beach, California USA of Mexican heritage. She was a singer, songwriter and an actress who greatly contributed to the Mexican music genre. She died in 2012 in a tragic plane crash accident at the age of 43.

How rich was Jenni Rivera? Sources estimated that her net worth was $25 million, a significant amount which shows the level of Jenni’s success and popularity accumulated during her career in the entertainment industry spanning just 20 years.

Jenni Rivera Net Worth $25 Million

In her childhood, Jenni and her siblings were brought up in a musical background, especially Mexican music genres. She became pregnant with her first child when still at school, but continued to her GED while already selling self-produced CDs at flea markets to support herself and her child, even though she didn’t have a producer. After graduating from California State University with a degree in business administration, Jenni began working in real estate, before joining her father’s label “Cintas Acuario”, and releasing her first proper album, entitled “Chapalosa” in 1995.

Despite having some problems as a female singer of this specific genre, she signed contracts with both Sony Music and Fonovisa Records under which in 1999 she released her first successful single “Las Maladrinas”, which gained her a lot of popularity and raised her net worth. In 2001, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy award for her single “Se las Voy a Dar a Otro”, and over time her albums gained more and more popularity, and she became a well known celebrity, appearing in reality TV series depicting her everyday life, such as “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C” (in 2010), “El Show de Jenni Rivera” (in 2011) and “I Love Jenni” (between 2011 and 2013) which also contributed to raising the amount of her net worth.

Jenni released her last two albums entitled “Joyas Prestadas: Pop” and “Joyas Prestadas: Banda” in 2011. The albums consisted entirely of covers, but still made it to the “Billboard Top Latin Albums” charts. Just a few months before her unfortunate death in 2012, she appeared on the list of “Top 25 Most Powerful Women” by People en Espanol magazine which was a significant achievement for a Mexican artist. After her death, other media outlets such as Fox News, CNN and The New York Times also described Jenna as the most successful Mexican music singer to this day. Interestingly, even after her death, her albums have continued to be sold at an impressive rate. An album released a few days after her death entitled “La Misma Gran Senora” instantly reached the top place on “Billboard’s Top Latin Albums” chart, “Billboard Regional Mexican Albums” chart and “Mexico’s Top 100” chart.

In her personal life, Jenni Rivera married three times. She had her first three children with her first husband, José Trinidad Marín who she married in 1984, but who was later sentenced to prison for child molestation, physical and sexual abuse – they divorced in 1992. In 1997, Jenni married Juan Lopez with whom she had two more children, however they were divorced in 2003, and Juan was jailed in 2007 for drug trafficking. In 2010 Jenni married her third husband, Esteban Loaiza; interestingly, they had filed for divorce in the year of Jenni’s death.

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