Jenelle Evans Net Worth

March 30, 2023
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Jenelle Allen Evans was born on 19 December 1991 in Oak Island, North Carolina USA, and is a popular reality television personality who climbed to fame through the MTV show, “16 and Pregnant”. Jenelle’s fame from the show made her the star of another reality show named “Teen Mom 2”, which revolved around her struggles to become a responsible single mother to her son, while still being a teenager and a notorious party girl. Jenelle has often made it into the  media given her carefree nature, and someone who always seems to have problems with the law, being arrested time and again.

So just how rich is Janelle Evans, as of mid-2017? Her claim to fame through recurring appearances on television earned Janelle money along with popularity, and now she has a net worth estimated at just $30,000. This amount seems to be quite low given the money she earned from her shows, and quite obviously this regression in her wealth is the result of her numerous encounters with the law, and party habits.

Jenelle Evans Net Worth $30,000

Jenelle Evans was raised by her single mother. When she was sixteen, Janelle became pregnant with a her son Jace, with her then boyfriend Andrew Lewis. This pregnancy literally turned her life upside down, as she then got the opportunity to be cast in the second season of MTV’s reality show,” 16 and Pregnant”. This gave over night popularity to Janelle and made her a MTV star, as she became a household name in the USA. Janelle was accompanied by her mother and Andrew in the show when she gave birth to Jace in 2009. Her next show “Teen Mom 2” started in 2011 which documented her motherhood with Jace.

However, Evans has a lengthy criminal record, as she has been arrested a number of times for breaking and entering, drug possession and assault. The star of Teen Mom 2 has gained the limelight many a time, not only for her shows, but her personal life and affairs as well. As she has become the stable scandalous diva in show business, her son Jace, who accompanied her in both of the shows, “16 and Pregnant” as well as “Teen Mom 2”, lives with his maternal grandmother who has been given full custody.

Jenelle has been in a string of relationships after Andrew, and married Courtland Rogers in 2012. The relationship did not work out well, and with a mark of domestic violence and assault, the marriage ended with a plea for divorce in 2013. After spending some time in rehab, she started dating Nathan Griffin, and Nathan has been providing as the father to her three children, one of whom, Kaiser,  is fathered by him.

Soon after all the entangled and stressful relationships she’s been through, Nathan Jenelle Evens breakup with Nathan Griffith, and start up with another guy very quickly, David Eason. Currently she engaged to him going throughout her wedding planning, being pregnant.

One of Jenelle Evans’s ex-boyfriends is now claiming MTV, that show pays the moms to get knocked up, which could explain the Teen Moms Baby Boom of 2017. Jenelle enjoys her net worth, which has managed to maintain her lifestyle decently.

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