Jeff Lewis Net Worth

July 20, 2023
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Jeff Lewis was born in 1970, in California. Jeff is a successful real estate agent, TV personality and interior designer, becoming well known through his appearances on the television show called “Flipping Out”. This show gained him acclaim and allowed his business to become even more profitable. Jeff is only 45 years old now so there is no doubt that he will try to create some new business and continue expanding the one he has now.

Jeff Lewis Net Worth $10 Million

So how rich is Jeff Lewis? Sources have estimated that Lewis’ net worth is $10 million, the main source of his wealth is his appearance on the “Flipping Out”, although of course his activities as an interior designer and in real estate have also added a lot to his net worth. Let’s hope that Jeff will be able to work for a long time. If his business expands there is a high chance that Jeff will become even more popular and maybe we will be able to see more shows with him. There is also a high chance that Jeff Lewis’ net worth will become higher.

Jeff studied at the University of Southern California and later at Chapman University, graduating in 1993. This was the time when Jeff began his career as a real estate agent. He bought houses, renovated them and then sold them again for a much higher sum of money. This business idea had a huge impact on the growth of Jeff Lewis’ net worth. This business became so successful, that Jeff decide to focus more on interior design and founded his own company, called “Jeff Lewis Design”. This company is famous for creating various furnishings. There is no surprise that Jeff’s decision to create this company made his net worth grow. While he was still improving is business. Jeff received suggestion to appear in the show, entitled “Flipping Out”, referring to renovating properties. The show began airing in 2007 and this year it will be airing its 8th season. Undoubtedly, it is one of the main sources of Lewis’ net worth. This show is about his own career and his everyday life. In 2012 Jeff appeared hosting another show called “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis”. This has also added to Jeff’s net worth. What is more, Jeff has created his own paint line, called “Jeff Lewis Color”. So we can see that he is a really active personality who always has new ideas.

If to talk about, Jeff Lewis’ personal life, it can be said that he is in a relationship with Gage Edward, who has also appeared in the “Flipping Out” series: they are also planning to start a family soon. All in all, Jeff is a creative and talented personality. He was able to create his own successful business and turn his talent into his job. Jeff will probably continue improving his business and maybe he will have some other ideas that he will be able to fulfill.

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