Jared Kushner Net Worth

February 13, 2023
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Jared Corey Kushner was born on 10th January 1981, in Livingston, New Jersey USA, of Jewish descent through his Belorussian paternal grandparents. He is a businessman and investor well known for owning The New York Observer, the weekly newspaper, and co-owning The Kushner Properties, the real estate holding and development company. The real estate mogul, Charles Kushner, is his father, and another business magnate, now President of the US Donald Trump, is his father in law.

So just how rich is this businessman and investor? It has been reported by authoritative sources that the net worth of Jared Kushner is as high as $900 million, as of late 2017, accumulated from his varied business interests in a career which began in the early years of the century.

Jared Kushner Net Worth $900 Million

To start from early childhood, Jared Kushner grew up with a brother and two sisters in northern New Jersey; they were raised Orthodox Jews. He was educated at Frisch School, a private high school, and subsequently graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Harvard University, and then with a Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate from the New York University School of Law. His brother, Joshua Kushner, became a successful businessman and investor too, and founded investment company Thrive Capital.

Jared kicked-off his career by buying and selling real estate in Somerville, Massachusetts, but it was the purchase of The New York Observer, being just 25 years old and paying $10 million for the weekly newspaper of New York City, that brought him to notice. Though the magazine was not profitable at the time of buying, with the advent of Kushner, many changes were introduced, including the format into a tabloid, so sales increased considerably, and after five years, in 2011 it was announced that publishing The New York Observer had become profitable.

In addition, Jared Kushner has continued investing in real estate since his years at Harvard. He worked as a principal in the Kushner Companies, and was an active investor in Boston. Moreover, when his father experienced some legal problems related to tax evasion and tampering and was arrested, Jared took over his position of CEO. The company has been successfully managed, though the CEO at that time Jared was only 27 years old. As of today, Jared Kushner is a co-owner of the company, the other shareholder is still his father. Moreover, Kushner Properties has implemented one of the greatest real estate deals ever, buying and reconstructing 666 Fifth Avenue, New York City for $1.8 billion, which has become the flagship of the company. The biggest residence of the company is located in the New Jersey residential market, though. Puck Building located in New York City also belongs to the Kushner Properties. Currently, the company is working on several big projects in Jersey City which are confidently predicted to increase the wealth of the company, as well as its owners net worth in the near future.

Furthermore, it was reported that the bid to purchase the MLB team the Los Angeles Dodgers was placed by Jared Kushner in 2012, however, the bid was withdrawn.

More recently, Jared was heavily involved in now President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016, and following his election was appointed senior White House advisor, although without any previous political or diplomatic experience. He consequently needed to resign all his business positions.

In his personal life, in 2009 Jared married Ivanka Trump – the daughter of business mogul Donald Trump – who converted to Judaism before the marriage. The family has a daughter and son, and are normally based in New York City.

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