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February 13, 2023
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James Brolin is a California-born actor, director and producer who is mostly noted for his leading role in hit Hollywood movies like “The Amityville Horror”, “Capricorn One” , “High Risk” and many more. Born as Craig Kenneth Bruderlin on 18 July 1940, he is recognized by his professional name “James Brolin”., and has been prominent in film-making and acting since 1961 and is still active in his field.

A very successful actor and director, how rich is James Brolin? As of 2015, James’ net worth amounts to a hefty $50 million. Almost all of his wealth has been is accumulated from his acting and film-making career as he has appeared in many hit movies like “Westworld”, “The Cape Town Affair” and more which earned him millions. His award-winning roles in television series like “Marcus Welby, M.D.” and others have also helped him add to his wealth.

James Brolin Net Worth $50 Million

A keen enthusiast of airplanes and animals in his childhood, James found his interest in acting only when he was a teenager. A friend to respected actor Ryan O’ Neal, James attended University High School in Los Angeles with Ryan and after graduating, he focused on having an acting career as encouraged by his parents. Brolin initiated his career in 1961 as he played a minor role in the series “Bus Stop”. His career skyrocketed as he was cast in many other series like “American Style”, “The Long, Hot Summer” and became more notable with the series “Marcus Welby, M.D.” which earned him an Emmy Award for best supporting actor. These series helped him to increase his net worth extensively, as indeed have the other almost 30 other TV series in which he has appeared.

Later, in the mid-70s, James became a leading actor in Hollywood who was highly sought after. This popularity gained him leading roles in many hit movies including “High Risk”, “The Car”, “Gable and Lombard” and “Night of the Juggler” among others. He has been a part of more than forty movies to date, and has many more coming in the future.

Recently, he has been enjoying his appearances in major television series and movies like “Catch Me if You Can”, “Castle” and many more. With all this popularity, James has managed to earn a fortune of millions of dollars that still serves as a big part of his net worth.

Talking about his personal life, James has been married thrice in his life, to the popular actress and singer Barbra Streisand since 1998, and previously to Cameron Agee(1996-84) with whom he has two children including actor Josh Brolin, and Jan Smithers(1986-95), and they have a daughter. James currently lives a luxurious life with his wife in Malibu as a multi-millionaire given his net worth amounts to $50 million. This rich actor is not anywhere near his retirement yet, as he still continues to act.

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