Jake Warden Net Worth

March 12, 2023
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Jake Warden was born on 20 February 2002, in Denver, Colorado USA, and is best known as a YouTube star and vlogger, whose self-entitled channel has more than 800,000 subscribers.

So just how rich is Jake Warden as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this YouTuber has net worth of $100,000 with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields over just a couple of years.

Jake Warden Net Worth $100,000

Warden started his YouTube channel back in 2015, when he released the video entitled ‘’My Mom Reacts To Don’t Wait By Joey Graceffa’’, which he uploaded on 20 May of that year. The video has been watched by more than 2.1 million people as of today, and received positive response from the audience, being liked more than 27,000 times. He followed by uploading videos such as ‘’My Crazy Kidnapping Story’’ and ‘’Prank Calling In Sick From Jobs I Don’t Have’’, released on 30 August and 27 September of the same year, respectively. The latter has more than two million views and featured his friend Stevie, who often appears in his videos. During the same year, Jake posted numerous clips, including one in which he talked about his morning routine and also one in which he showed his audience his fall lookbook.

Warden then started uploading vlogs, showing his fans his everyday life. In December 2015, Jake’s channel reached 15,000 subscribers, which was a huge milestone for him, and in the following period his channel continued growing as he developed it further. In April 2016, he reached 100,000 subscribers, and uploaded the video ‘’ Whip Crème Challenge |100K Special!’’ as a way to celebrate his achievement. Subsequently, he created a video entitled ‘’Everyday Makeup Routine For Guys”, which has had over 460,000 views so far, and received public praise for his courage in breaking gender barriers at such a young age. He went on to make numerous other videos regarding makeup, featuring the members of his family in some of his videos; the audience was able to see Jake’s dad doing his voiceover in 2017; his net worth was rising.

His latest videos include ‘’Reacting and Recreating My First Makeup Tutorial’’, released in October 2017, and ‘’Get Ready With Me And Christen Dominique’’, which he uploaded the next month, in collaboration with the YouTuber mentioned in the title. Overall, Jake’s influence on the community is noted as good, as he passionately talks about makeup and fashion, which isn’t usual for a boy, and his bravery has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. Over the course of the last two years, his 64 videos uploaded have been watched more than 23 million times in total. The number of his subscribers is still growing too, in November 2017 reaching 800,000, which of course boosts his net worth.

Besides being active on YouTube, Jake also worked on one episode of ‘’Comedy Central’’ and in addition to that, he was a guest in ‘’Tosh.0’’.

When it comes to his private life, Jake identifies as gay, but at 15 apparently relationships are yet to come. Warden is also active on social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter, followed by more than 2.1 million followers on the former, whereas he has over 23,000 on the latter.

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