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March 5, 2024
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Born on the 2nd of September 1973, Jack Vale is an American comedian, who became famous for his Youtube channel showing hidden-camera pranks, and social experiments.

So how much is the comedian’s net worth? As of early 2016, Vale’s wealth is estimated by sources at $400,000, coming from advertisements from his Youtube channel, various television appearances and his own show.

Vale grew up in Lodi, California with three brothers and a sister, engaging in pranks teenage which which led him to invent “The Pooter”, a small device that creates noise similar to the sound of a fart. To kick up the sales of his creations, Vale began performing pranks using the Pooter, walking around town using his device, while capturing the reaction of the people when he makes these noises, thus the birth of “Pooter Pranks”.

Jack Vale Net Worth $400,000

Though one of his Pooter Pranks resulted in a physical fight, Vale continued making other videos, increasing his online popularity. Some of his pranks that became popular online include “Paranoid”, where he walks past people in stores or in the streets and will describe them to his imaginary friend whom he pretends he’s talking to over the phone. The goal of the prank is to see the people’s reaction when dealing with paranoia and capturing it on camera. Another popular one is “Nonsense” where he tries to interact with other people but confuses them at the same time because he speaks gibberish language. His hidden-camera pranks made him one of the most searched channel on Youtube, gaining him over a million followers, and increasing his net worth as well through advertisements.

However, his most popular and most detailed prank to date is his project entitled “The Social Media Experiment”, in which Vale searches for “hashtags” around his local area, and starts to convince people he’s a psychic by giving them information about themselves which he has gathered from their social media accounts. The goal of the project is make people think twice about the information that they share or post on their social media accounts. The eye-opening experiments has generated the attention of certain national publications and shows, increasing his visibility on television.

Some of the shows he has graced include “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The View”, “Fox and Friends”, “CNBC”, “The Doctors” and “Lopez Tonight”, on which he explained the goal and the purpose of The Social Media Experiment, and he also participated in certain pranks for the shows. Vale also starred in the show “TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes” which he co-produced with Dick Clark Productions. All have contributed to his net worth.

With the success of his videos, Vale was approached by HLNTV offering him his own show, so in January 2015, “Jack Vale: Offline” was born. It follows the life of Vale and his family, and the process of planning and executing his pranks. The show has increased both his following and his value as well.

In his personal life, Vale is married to Sherry; they have five children and currently live in Huntington Beach, California.

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