How Rich Are The Cast Of “Rust Valley Restorers”?

June 11, 2024
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Everyone loves car shows, especially if they have an entertaining cast and a nice concept. That describes well what Netflix’s “Rust Valley Restorers” is, seeing how it gained a massive following in only a couple of years, thanks to the uncommon projects that Mike Hall and his skillful and funny crew at Rust Bros Restorations work on.

While there’s a lot to say about “Rust Valley Restorers”, such as the interesting situation which led Mike to own hundreds of cars, one aspect of the show which is mostly kept under wraps concerns finance.

So are the cast of “Rust Valley Restorers” rich? Does their fortune come from their TV appearances? Will the show ever be renewed or is it already a thing of the past? Stay here to find out!

Mike Hall

As the main star of the show and the owner of Rust Bros Restorations, Mike Hall is assumed to have the largest fortune out of his co-stars and employees. According to a 2023 report by the specialized website HotCars, Mike’s net worth is around $5 million.


While Mike has never revealed much about his fortune, we can assume that the aforementioned number holds some truth given his business and career as a TV personality. Mike not only owns Rust Bros Restorations but also the company Chimera Springs Rock Works, which focuses on railroad slope stabilization. Though it’s unclear how much he makes out of this business, the company has been a long-time income provider for him, to the point it gained him features in shows such as “Highway Thru Hell” in 2017 and “Backroad Truckers” in 2021.

On top of that, it’s certain that Mike has made good money out of the massive number of cars he used to store on his property. As the Canadian site Info News reported in 2022, Mike sold and auctioned a major part of his collection, going from thousands to around 40 cars in a couple of years.

Avery Shoaf

Everyone who has ever watched “Rust Valley Restorers” knows well that Avery Shoaf is impossible to ignore. His sense of humor and light-heartedness combine perfectly well with his impressive restoration skills, making it not a wonder why Avery became such a massive fan-favorite of the show.

With that being said, Avery’s financial situation can’t be estimated for sure. While the site HotCars affirms that he has a net worth of over $1 million, other sites estimate his net worth at around $200,000.

Despite the debate about Avery’s fortune, it’s safe to assume that he’s made a good living out of his businesses and the popularity he gained through his TV appearances. According to Avery’s website, he owned a heavy equipment rebuilding company named Tappen Business before joining the crew of Rust Bros Restorations.

Later on, Avery started a company named Wildman Restorations, which focuses on car restorations and also sells original merchandise online. On top of that, Avery makes money through his popular YouTube channel, and even has a Cameo profile available, allowing his fans to commission personalized videos from him.

Connor Charman-Hall

As the son of Mike Hall, it’s easy to assume that Connor may have a fortune similar to his father’s. However, estimations about Connor’s financial situation are unavailable online, making it hard to get an idea of how much his fortune is.

With that being said, Connor seems to do well when it comes to business and cars. Before working for his father, Connor was employed by Avery Shoaf and later moved to the business side of Rust Bros Restorations. He’s also responsible for managing the company’s online store Rust Bros Apparel, through which some juicy deals they have made, such as their association with eBay Motors.


Despite the nature of his job, Connor knows his way with cars very well. As he revealed in an interview with Hollywood North Magazine, Connor doesn’t consider himself a ‘mechanic by trade’, yet growing up with such a dedicated car-lover as Mike, Connor makes good use of the car lessons taught to him by his father. It’s unclear whether Connor is involved in any other automotive business.

Sarah Ward

As the parts manager of Rust Bros Restorations, Sarah Ward’s job consists of locating what the crew needs to finish their projects. It’s unclear whether Sarah is involved with any other businesses, and it’s still hard to estimate her current net worth, but at least $100,000.

With that being said, Sarah doesn’t gain much from appearing in “Rust Valley Restorers”. As Sarah and her co-tar Cassidy Mceown affirmed in a TikTok video, the fact that the show was produced by a Canadian-based company made their earnings very slim, compared to the seemingly higher salaries that American TV companies offer to their stars.

Cassidy Mceown

While Cassidy Mceown is one of the most recent additions to “Rust Valley Restorers”, she quickly became a fan-favorite and has some of the largest-followed social media accounts out of the cast.

Though Cassidy has openly admitted that her salary from the show is nothing to get crazy about, some sites online estimate her net worth at $1.2 million. This amount seems to be exaggerated, especially considering that Cassidy is still in the early stages of her career and doesn’t have any business on her own, so dropping the ‘million’ may be more accurate!

Despite not earning much from her TV appearances, Cassidy is content with working with Mike Hall. As she affirmed in a TikTok video from 2022, one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Rust Bros Restorations is the fact that Mike doesn’t put any restrictions on the projects she takes, unlike other contractors who deem her incapable of being a woman.

On top of that, appearing in “Rust Valley Restorers” has allowed her to gain a massive following online, which often translates into deals with brands and discounts on auto parts. That said, Cassidy has made good use of her rising popularity by opening an online shop with merchandise and starting a car-centered YouTube channel.

What Happened To The Show?

The last time we saw new episodes of “Rust Valley Restorers” was in mid-2022, when the fourth season premiered on Netflix and MotorTrend, then entering an indefinite hiatus.

The lack of new episodes led fans to worry that the show had been canceled, an idea further strengthened when Rust Bros Restorations started its YouTube channel in January 2024 to share tidbits about Mike and his business’ crew whereabouts. On top of that, Mike reportedly sold more than half of his car collection, leaving everyone to wonder whether the crew had material to keep filming the show.

Nonetheless, “Rust Valley Restorations” hasn’t been canceled, though it’s unclear when new episodes will air. According to what Sarah Ward told one of her Instagram followers in January 2024, the show’s sixth season was set to premiere later that year but no further information has been revealed to this date.

While it’s yet early to know what will happen to “Rust Valley Restorers”, it’s great to see that the crew is still working together.

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