How is Wess Schulze from ‘My 600-Lb Life’ today?

March 22, 2024
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Wess Schulze became widely known to the public after he was featured on the TLC show “My 600-Lb Life”. His story, filled with childhood trauma and finding comfort in foods, struck a cord with fans who immediately empathized with Wess. He was introduced in the show’s 11th season which aired in 2023; the show is built around weight loss journeys of various people in the US whose weight is 600lbs or more. When Wess joined the show, he weighed slightly more than 700 pounds, but today he is doing much better, and is on the right path to turning his life around.

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Who is Wess Schulze?

Wess Schulze was born in 1987, in Danevang, Texas. His early childhood was marked by family troubles, as his parents divorced while he was still a toddler. Following which it was his father who got custody of Wess, who revealed that his mother was an alcoholic, which played a part in his father getting custody. However, as his father spent a lot of time at work, he was mostly raised by his sister.

Wess’ struggles with weight started from early childhood. He shared that a family member was abusive towards him, and that food was the only thing he could find comfort in. His troubles deepened after his father had a rough reaction to Wess coming out as gay – Wess felt emotionally abandoned, and it put a strain on their relationship.


Wess weighed around 350 pounds by the time he enrolled into high school. Since elementary school he discovered his passion for the theater, and he continued to pursue it up until junior college. During his studies he was able to meet other LGBT people and enjoyed going to parties, which turned out to be another way of coping for him. After high school he enrolled in college, but spent this time binge eating instead of attending classes.

He relocated to Houston in search of a job, but the life in a big city with few friends proved to be difficult for Wess, and he still used food as a way of coping. Before turning 33, he lost his job and apartment, and moved back to live with his father. Fortunately, he was able to get an online job, and move into his own apartment shortly afterwards.

Over the years, Wess got to the point where he was on the edge of becoming bed-ridden, something that he feared most. He joined the TLC show “My 600-Lb Life” in hopes that it would bring much need change to his life. Wess started his journey toward betterment through the help of bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, as well as a therapist Dr. Paradise. As his past was very difficult, in the beginning Wess had a lot of trouble on television being open about his story, but as time progressed, he shared more of his life.

Wess has shown a remarkable level of commitment to his fitness goals, regularly participating in hour-long workout sessions to stay on track. His dedication to improve himself, coupled with his positive attitude and difficult life story, has made him beloved by fans who keep up with his day to day updates.


TLC show “My 600-Lb Life”

“My 600-lb Life” is a reality television show on TLC which follows the progress of individuals suffering from morbid obesity, as they work to lose weight and improve their overall health with the guidance of bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, or Dr. Now. The show premiered in 2012, and has since become a popular and long-running series, with over 100 episodes aired.

The show has received both praise and criticism over its runtime. On the one hand, it has been praised for bringing awareness of the struggles of those dealing with severe obesity and the physical and emotional toll it takes on their lives. The show has been credited with inspiring viewers to take control of their health and make positive changes in their own lives.

On the other hand, however, “My 600-lb Life” has also faced criticism for its handling of sensitive and controversial topics. Some critics argue that the show sensationalizes obesity, and exploits its participants for entertainment purposes. Others have raised concerns about the show’s portrayal of weight loss surgery as a “quick fix” solution to a complex issue, as well as its focus on weight loss rather than overall health and wellness.

There have also been controversies surrounding the show’s production and treatment of its participants. Some former participants have accused the show of exploiting them, and providing inadequate aftercare, leading to negative health outcomes. One of the participants in the show, Gina Krasley, filed a lawsuit against the producers alleging negligence. She claimed that they purposefully caused her distress for ratings, as well as failing to provide her with counseling before she started her low-calorie diet. Gina Krasley passed away in 2021.


Despite these controversies, “My 600-lb Life” continues to be a popular and influential show in the reality television landscape. It’s sparked important conversations about obesity and weight loss, and many viewers continue to find inspiration and motivation in the journeys of the show’s participants. However, it’s important to approach the show and its messages with a critical eye and a focus on the health and well-being of all individuals, regardless of their size or weight.

Wess Schulze today

After a year of working with Dr. Now on “My 600-Lb Life”, Wess has made a significant amount of progress. He was able to cut down his weight by 220lbs, and now weighs in at 470. The progress he’s made so far has been very inspirational for Wess, who excitedly looks forward to seeing how far he can go. His weight-loss journey gave him some much-needed quality of life changes, such as being able to sit comfortably at his desk. Wess also continues to improve relationships with his family, especially his father. Their relationship does occasionally run into issues, but Wess claims that it’s getting better every day.

Wess Schulze on social media

Ever since Wess joined “My 600-lb Life” he’s been active frequently on social media, sharing his progress and story. He remains highly active today, sharing new discoveries with his fans. Those are often small joys, such as realizing that the pants he used to wear are now one size too large. Wess also loves to share his before and after photos, which give insight into the drastic changes he’s undergone in just one year. Sharing such noticeable changes, Wess inspires both himself and others who follow him, sending a positive message that everyone can change.

Despite his newfound fame, Wess appears to have remained grounded and dedicated to his job. He continues to work at the same place he was employed at during his time on the TV show, and his weight loss has reportedly improved his quality of life at work.

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