How did Stromedy Become Famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Born Kyle Godfrey under the sign of Scorpio on 29 October 1998, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, but with American nationality, Stromedy is a 25-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, entrepreneur and social media celebrity. He is probably easiest to recognize around the world thanks to the significant influence he achieves through his YouTube channel, boasting millions of subscribers. He also owns a business based in Toronto, and a vlogging-only channel for more personal interactions with his audience. He’s enjoyed tangible success over the course of his social media entertainment career since 2012.

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Early life & education: Best of three

Stromedy was initially raised in his birthplace, alongside his two brothers Ethan and Dawson, by their father Andrew and mother Jenny, both of unknown professions. The three siblings had an idyllic childhood nurtured by loving parents, but not everything was smooth sailing, as the family had to relocate to Milton. Even though they still stayed in Ontario, this meant changing school and inevitably cutting off ties with childhood friends, but since it didn’t happen in their mid-to-late teenage years, the emotional impact soon wore off, and the brothers went back to being their usual happy-go-lucky selves. Stromedy had a very strong interest in everything related to the cinema and the process of movie-making from the moment he could comprehend the process, often using the family camera to film just about anything.

As for his education, he attended a local Milton high school, matriculating from there in 2016. The activities he was able to partake in there helped further develop his talents, such as school plays and drama workshops. This also contributed to his determination to make his name on the movie industry, leading him to enroll in the Toronto Academy of Acting in pursuit of a performing arts degree. However, he dropped out two years into his studies so as to focus on his YouTube career full-time.


Career: Finding what works

Stromedy’s dreams of being a movie star gradually moved towards becoming someone akin to PewDiePie instead, seeing how much more realistic that was, as all one really needed was a computer and inspiration. He joined YouTube as early as 12 December 2012, posting his first video “LEGO Lordoftherings Mines of Moria: Battle in Balins Tomb” only a day later. As can be inferred from the title, since Stromedy was barely 14 at the time of these uploads, his early content focused mostly on playing with toys from the LEGO franchise, re-creating various scenes, some from epic films and some all his own, such as the “LEGO City animation The bank robbery shootout” video. He uploaded very infrequently for the first two to three years as well, either because the videos took too long to produce, or because he was simply busy with schoolwork and other obligations.

It wasn’t until 21 June 2015 that his content underwent a drastic shift, displaying the first of his many comedic sketches featuring just his image, entitled “Siri is NOT a Toy.” In fact, the video is better characterized as a short film, with a whole script and consistent acting for just under six minutes. While it didn’t find that much success at the time, it has since garnered close to a million views, and serves as the progenitor of his modern content.

Realizing that acting in front of the camera was much more fulfilling, Stromedy began posting somewhat more frequently near the end of 2015, coming up with various other skits along the way, such as “Kyle’s First date” and “Brandon Thinks he’s Spiderman.” He also began capitalizing on popular trends at the time, creating skits that pay homage to “American Idol” and “Man vs Wild.” In 2016 he started posting prank videos, emulating the well-established combination of clickbait titles and thumbnails, adding shock-value phrases such as ‘(GONE WRONG)’ and ‘SECURITY COMES.’


By 2017 he’d begun to rely on clickbait content big-time, going as far as to replicate some of the most obviously fake content the platform had to offer, although very young users still eagerly clicked on most of the videos, considerably inflating his views and subscriber count. A classic example of such content would be ”(GONE WRONG) OUIJA BOARD AT THE CEMETERY / CONTACTING ZOZO 3AM CHALLENGE,” in which he supposedly conjures an evil spirit using a Halloween prop at a graveyard. It’s needless to say that the more mature part of the YouTube audience never paid much mind to Stromedy’s channel, but the sheer number of fans aged 12 and below secured him unstoppable growth nonetheless. The resulting massive increase in his YouTube paycheck convinced him that this was the way to go, and he hasn’t deviated from mass-producing evidently fake clickbait ever since.

As of early 2024 his most popular video is entitled “when you see this clown school bus filled with CLOWNS, do not pass it! Drive away FAST!!” Essentially, a group driving for a drone video encounters multiple clowns on the road. They notice a school bus stacked with clowns and speculate about clown training. One person dresses as the rest, boards the bus, and pretends to be part of the group. The clowns suspect the group following them, causing tension. The person dressed as a clown narrowly escapes back to the group’s car when their life supposedly becomes endangered. There is obviously great interest in such content amongst youth, since the video sits at 24 million views as the crowning jewel of his channel.


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Kyle Godfrey, for real, but not really

Stromedy’s second channel, Kyle Godfrey, was created on 11 September 2018, initially meant to serve as a vlog for him and his friends, although it soon became apparent that he was branching out into yet another type of clickbait. Since his main channel supposedly deals in the supernatural, the second one is all about his personal life, although the clickbait factor is exactly the same, with examples such as “I was CAUGHT cheating at the wrong place, wrong time…” and “Saved missing Puppy from bad people.”

Clickbait Incorporated

The YouTuber started his own business in late 2018, by the name of Prime Capitol Entertainment Ltd. – a film production as well as a talent incubator label, according to his words. It got its own YouTube channel near the start of 2019, and has since then featured only five videos, the most prominent of which is “The Mannequin Man (2022) | Full Movie [4K HD],” marking the company’s first feature film, with a runtime of 90 minutes. That said, various audience members have brought the channel’s and thus the company’s legitimacy into question, provided that he also posted “If you ever see this idiot following you, Drive Away FAST! (Things got Heated)” there, which very obviously belongs on his main channel. The firm also has its Instagram page, serving to promote various events that Stromedy, and by extension Prime Capitol Entertainment Ltd. is associated with.


An in-depth interview

Stromedy sat down with Forbes magazine in May 2011 to discuss his past and future, admitting to starting his career without his parents’ blessing. However, as they saw his content gaining traction and his channel growing, they eventually came around to supporting him. The initial conversation involved listing out pros and cons, with his mother and father expressing concerns about him giving up a traditional education. However, they ultimately trusted his independence, and supported his decision.

He also talked about his forays into music, namely the diss track “Tik Tok Clowns” and the subsequent drama with social media star Bryce Hall. The conflict arose when Bryce took issue with a line in the diss track about his colleague Addison Rae. The tension escalated, resulting in a boxing feud, with one round ending in a draw. Kyle described the state of the matter at the time as a ‘cold war’ and mentioned the possibility of a rematch, adding that he would suggest it with proper training, framing it as less personal and more of a business arrangement.

Love life: Who is his girlfriend?

As for his romantic involvements, Stromedy has been dating adult model and Instagram celebrity Jana Sosic, who prominently advertises his business on her social media, having been given a certain high position there. They got together at an unspecified date – fans speculate at some point in 2020. There has been little controversy regarding the couple, especially since Stromedy frequently creates content where her curves are displayed on his second YouTube channel, normally featuring the phrase ‘HOT girlfriend’ in every title. Her Instagram also shows the two undertaking various activities, such as traveling and going to the beach. They reside happily together, alternating between Toronto and Los Angeles in California, USA.

Net worth: How rich is he?

Some of the most reputable sources have estimated Stromedy’s total accumulated wealth at more than $5 million, garnered by consistently producing content that attracts arguably the most numerous and likely most gullible consumer demographic on YouTube, mostly recycling the same idea across at least four videos, which still worked out for him quite well. His company is yet to land any significant earnings, and the netizens don’t expect that it ever will, considering the way he treats its channel.


Body measurements: What is his height?

Stromedy is 5ft 6ins (167cms) tall, weighs approximately 160lbs (72kg), with a body type most often described as fit. He has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and a generally pale complexion.

Social media presence

Stromedy’s main YouTube channel has close to 8.8 million subscribers, and the second over 550,000. His Instagram has more than 700,000 followers, and his Threads, Facebook and Twitter all under 10,000. Prime Capitol’s YouTube channel has almost 280,000 subscribers, and its Instagram just above 45,000 followers.

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