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April 18, 2024
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Matt Sturniolo is a prominent American content creator and social media personality, widely known as one of the Sturniolo triplets. Together with his triplet brothers, he’s garnered a substantial online following, thanks to their captivating content, which includes engaging in lip-syncing, dance videos, and challenges. In addition to the triplets’ collective success, Matt has taken strides to establish his individual presence on social media by creating his own pages and amassing millions of followers. This concerted effort reflects his commitment to carving out a distinctive identity across various social media platforms.

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Early Years, Education, and Family

Matthew Sturniolo was born on 1 August 2003, in Somerville, Massachusetts USA, the youngest of the Sturniolo triplets. His parents, James and Marylou Sturniolo, played pivotal roles in raising Matthew, alongside his identical triplet brothers, Christopher and Nicolas, as well as their older sibling, Justin, within the confines of a nurturing home. Growing up, the Sturniolo brothers were household names in their hometown, their distinctive identities maintained by creative hairstyles crafted by their mother. Matt, the youngest by minutes, shared a close bond with his brothers. His mother had an inventive approach to helping the community distinguish between the identical trio but often failed due to their striking resemblance when they were younger.

The journey of the Sturniolo triplets began before their birth, with a charming anecdote surrounding their mother’s pregnancy. During an ultrasound session, Marylou, upon hearing about someone expecting triplets, joyfully applauded, only to realize that she was the fortunate one carrying three babies. Matt reminisced about their school days, highlighting their mother’s unwavering support, particularly during her tenure as a family liaison at their school.


In their elementary years at Somerville Public School, Matt and his brothers found themselves regularly participating in stage plays. A memorable instance involved their portrayal as Cerberus, the three-headed dog from Greek mythology, during fourth grade. Their identical appearances posed an amusing challenge for everyone involved, leading teachers and peers to often refer to them collectively as the triplets. Among the trio, Matt was often described as the shyest, a trait that persisted into later years.

As they progressed to Somerville High, Matt’s enthusiasm for sports flourished, with a particular passion for lacrosse and hockey. This shared interest deepened the connection between Matt and Chris, who not only resembled each other physically, but also shared a similar wavelength. In a significant revelation in 2020, the brothers openly discussed one of them being gay. Matt recalled the time when Nick, feeling left out during their bonding sessions, eventually came out to them and their close circle in 2019, shedding light on the source of his discomfort. This revelation brought the triplets even closer, as they navigated the complexities of identity, acceptance, and understanding within their tight-knit family.


Academic pursuits were never at the forefront for Matt and his brothers, a sentiment that only intensified when their school underwent renovations, disrupting their already irregular class schedules. Their junior year brought additional challenges when a house fire forced them to relocate just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ensuing lockdown and the shift to online schooling, the brothers found themselves with ample time on their hands, leading to the inception of their journey as YouTubers.

The Start of Matt’s Social Media Career

Facing uncertainty about post-high school plans and disinterested in pursuing further education, the Sturniolo brothers stumbled into the realm of social media during the pandemic. Matt recalls the beginning of their social media career as a casual endeavor born out of boredom and hunger. Armed with Matt’s newly acquired driver’s license, they utilized their mother’s minivan to embark on adventures, documenting their escapades on camera. The catalyst was a trip to Dollar Tree for costumes in August 2020, followed by a McDonald’s visit, wearing wigs and mustaches. It was during this outing that they decided to initiate their first video. They heard that one of the best ways to start a channel was to make a question-and-answer video which they did while eating chicken nuggets and fries.

Matt’s Role in Creating Content

The raw authenticity of the Sturniolo triplets’ videos resonated with their growing audience, portraying genuine interactions and experiences. While Chris handled the creative aspect, Nick took charge of production and editing. Matt, in a September 2022 interview, expressed his joy in being part of the creative process but didn’t have any specific role except to have fun while participating in the filming as he acknowledged that his brothers understood his preferences. He said, ‘They know what I like more than myself.’


Getting The First 100,000 Subscribers

The pivotal moment in the Sturniolo brothers’ journey to social media stardom was influenced by a fellow teen content creator, Madi Filipowicz. It was Madi who recognized the Sturniolo triplets’ potential and found them an agent after sharing her admiration for their fascinating and humorous content with her mother, Laura Filipowicz, founder of Z Star. At the time of their encounter with Laura, Matt and his brothers had a modest following of 25,000 subscribers, a number that more than tripled under her management.

The road to the first 100,000 subscribers was a challenging phase marked by experimentation. Initially grappling to find their rhythm, the Sturniolo brothers eventually identified what resonated with their audience. Once they reached this realization, the channel’s growth gained momentum, currently boasting close to six million subscribers, and accumulating around 500 million views across 300 videos. This achievement starkly contrasts the earlier uncertainty that led to a month-long gap between their first and second video uploads, as they navigated their content direction.

Joined Other Social Media Platforms

Diversifying their digital presence beyond YouTube, the Sturniolo brothers delved into TikTok, amassing an impressive following of nearly seven million fans and 165 million likes through the creation of over 500 videos. Additionally, they strategically expanded to Instagram with two dedicated pages; the first, @sturniolo.triplets, serves as a hub for updates on their lives and promotions, amassing three million followers. The second, @sturnioloclothing, showcases their merchandise line, “Let’s Trip,” featuring a range of products, from t-shirts and hoodies to socks and caps. Notably, the triplets have also embraced Cameo, providing a platform for fans to request personalized audio or video messages, further fostering a direct connection with their dedicated audience.

Matt’s Own Social Media Accounts

Amid the surge of online recognition for the Sturniolo triplets, each sibling, including Matt, ventured into establishing their individual online presence. Matt’s self-titled YouTube channel, though currently featuring around 600 subscribers and three videos, has taken a secondary role compared to the collaborative efforts of the trio. On TikTok, Matt emerges as a standout star with an impressive following of close to six million, and a staggering 70 million likes.

Meanwhile, his Instagram account, numbering approximately three million followers, serves as a multifaceted platform, on which Matt shares not only captivating photos but also engaging reels and a diverse array of stories that pique his interest, creating a connection with his dedicated fanbase. Despite the potential for individual success by focusing more on content creation for his personal accounts, Matt, like his brothers, recognizes that their collective efforts played a pivotal role in their digital success. His priority remains centered on providing content for the Sturniolo Triplets’ social media accounts, reinforcing the collaborative foundation that has been integral to their rise in the digital realm.


Becoming a Social Media Celebrity

In the final stretch of Matt’s senior year, he and his brothers transcended local recognition, evolving into bona fide celebrities with devoted fans eagerly shadowing them during routine visits to McDonald’s. Their chosen filming spot, the nearest parking lot, became a familiar backdrop for their YouTube Channel. Astonishingly, there were moments when their admirers even trailed them home. As COVID-19 restrictions gradually lifted, allowing a return to in-person schooling, one of the brothers likened the experience to feeling akin to pop sensation Justin Bieber, given the overwhelming attention they garnered.

By June 2022, the Sturniolo brothers found themselves in the hands of a dedicated team, including a manager and an agent. Their burgeoning fame took them in and out of Los Angeles, responding to offers for photoshoots, collaborations, gigs and interviews. The brothers had successfully transitioned from local social media sensations to navigating the dynamic landscape of entertainment, solidifying their status as emerging figures with a growing presence in the industry.

Went on a Tour with His Brothers in 2023

As social media celebrities having a manager and an agent offered Matt and his brothers diverse avenues to capitalize on their popularity, and solidify their online presence. In January 2023, they embarked on a tour across the US. While some might question how social media personalities could undertake a tour, the Sturniolo triplets’ cumulative followers from various video-sharing platforms exceeded 16 million. This expansive online audience translated into substantial in-person attendance during their tour, evident in the sold-out tickets at each venue.

Kicking off the tour in Los Angeles, the Sturniolo triplets traversed numerous cities, including New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Phoenix, before concluding the journey in their home city of Boston.

Interesting Facts about Matt Sturniolo

Most aspects of Matt’s life, as well as his interests, are closely intertwined with the activities of his brothers, Nick and Chris. The trio shares a remarkable bond, engaging in almost every endeavor together. While each of the Sturniolo triplets has unique passions, it’s a given that when one pursues an interest, the other two are never far behind.

  • Matt’s shyness often reflects in his dining habits, allowing others to place orders for him in restaurants. Interestingly, his choice typically aligns closely with what his brother Chris orders.
  • Matt boasts several dedicated fan sites, mirroring the online presence of his brothers. On platforms such as Pinterest, enthusiasts curate boards filled with photos of Matt from infancy to the present. Unofficial fan-made merchandise, including tumblers, mugs, and candles, can be found on Etsy. Additionally, fans express their creativity through a collection of fanfiction stories about Matt, accessible on online platforms such as Wattpad.
  • Despite his busy schedule, Matt diligently responds to direct messages on his social media pages whenever time permits. The triplets actively draw content inspiration from fan suggestions, emphasizing the significance of their audience in shaping their online presence.


Standing at a height of 5ft 8ins (173cms), Matt Sturniolo possesses a well-proportioned physique with an approximate weight of 160lbs (73kgs). His distinguishing features include brown hair, and like his brothers, he shares the captivating blue eye color that adds to the Sturniolo triplets’ charming appearance.

Net Worth

Matt Sturniolo’s financial standing reflects the success of the triplets in the realm of social media. With an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, Matt’s financial status is on par with that of his brother Nick. The slight variance in their net worth compared to Chris can be attributed to the latter’s involvement in modeling gigs.

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