Holly Madison Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Holly Madison’s full name is Holly Jean Madison, but she is also called Holly, The Girl Next Door, Holly Cullen and Holly Sue Collen. Madison’s net worth during 2014 has reached a sum as huge as $6 million, and she has built up this amount of money being an American TV personality, actress, TV producer and model.

Holly Madison Net Worth $6 Million

H. Madison starred at her own show “Holly’s World” created by Kevin Burns, but still her much more notable role is from “The Girls Next Door”. She also played Stephanie from “The Telling”, Miss Lady Bright Eyes from “The Last Broadcast” and appeared in “The House Bunny”, “Scary Movie 4”, “Resurrection” and “Slash”.

Holly Madison was born on December 23, 1979, in Astoria, Oregon, United States, but because the father of the family’s work was usually associated with travelling, Madison spent many years during her childhood on Prince of Wales Island, located in Alaska. Later she studied at Portland State University and received a degree in psychology and theater.

The career which helped to increase Madison’s net worth started in 2003, when she became Cyber Girl of the Week in the famous Playboy magazine. She was one of the Hooters girls and after such a great beginning her career in show business Madison had another great opportunity not only to increase her net worth, but also to show her talent to the viewers, as she was invited to play in the famous reality show “The Girls Next Door”.

Of course, “The Girls Next Door” was the main source of Holly’s net worth, and these years from 2005 and 2009 were extremely successful for Madison. She did not stop on her way to the popularity and appeared in another famous show entitled “Dancing with the Stars”. Later she worked as a showgirl at Planet Hollywood and even started her own reality show, “Holly’s World”. Although it was not as successful as she could have expected it to be, Holly’s estimated net worth still increased one more time and then she definitely became one of the most influential personalities in Hollywood.

Holly Madison is also known as a stubborn fighter for animal rights. She refuses to wear any type of fur and furthermore, once she even appeared nude on the PETA’s (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals) advertisement saying she would rather go somewhere nude, not wearing fur. Later she also started to write articles about animals for the magazine, and enjoyed doing this type of work. Maybe this hobby did not help Madison to increase her net worth, but she was respected by the people who were also concerned about animal rights.

Talking about the beautiful and charming Holly’s appearance, we need to notice that some of Madison’s net worth was spent on cosmetic surgery – she has had a correction for her nose and also has breast implants. However, she always openly talks about all her operations, and does not see a problem there.

So now you know how rich Holly Madison is.

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