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November 21, 2023
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Heidi Swedberg was born on the 3rd March 1966, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA and is an actress and a musician, possibly most famous for her appearance in NBC’s hit sitcom “Seinfeld”, in which she portrayed Susan Ross, the fiancée of Jerry Seinfeld‘s best friend, George Costanza. She is also the founder of her own Heidi Swedberg and The Sukey Jump Band in which she plays ukulele.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this performing artist has accumulated so far? How rich Heidi Swedberg is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Heidi Swedberg’s net worth, as of late 2016, is over $300.000, acquired through both her acting as well as her music career.

Heidi Swedberg Net Worth $300.000

Heidi was born to a high school teacher, Kay, and laser physicist, Jim Swedberg. Although a native of Hawaii, she grew up in New Mexico where she matriculated from Albuquerque’s Sandia High School in 1984. Subsequently Heidi relocated to Kentucky, where she joined the Actors Theatre of Louisville. In 1989 Heidi Swedberg debuted on television with a small role in the “Matlock” TV series, then later that year debuted on the big screen with the role of Dawn in Norman Jewison’s “In Country” featuring Bruce Willis and Emily Lloyd in the leading roles. These engagements provided the basis for Heidi Swedberg’s overall net worth.

In the early 1990s Heidi’s acting career gained more momentum as she appeared in several movies, including the comedies “Kindergarten Cop” (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the main role as well as Jim Abrahams‘ motion picture “Hot Shots!” (1991). Parallel to movies, she also performed in several TV series such as “Thirtysomething”, “Quantum Leap”, “Northern Exposure” as well as “Brooklyn Bridge” and “Sisters”. However, the real breakthrough in Heidi Swedberg’s acting career occurred in 1992 when she was cast in the role of Susan Ross in the fourth season of “Seinfeld”. In 1995, she reprised her role in 17 episodes of the show’s seventh season, and in season nine in 1997, Heidi’s Susan Ross appeared in just one episode. To the present day, this role remains Heidi Swedberg’s most memorable one, and it also helped her to further increase her overall net worth.

Some other notable acting appearances of Heidi Swedberg include roles in a variety of TV series such as “Roc”, “Empty Nest”, “ER” and “Gilmore Girls” as well as movies “Galaxy Quest” (1999), “75 Degrees in July” (2000) and “Dragonfly” (2002). It is certain that all these engagements have impacted Heidi Swedberg’s overall net worth in a positive manner.

Apart from acting, Heidi Swedberg has also been actively working on her music career. With her band – Heidi Swedberg and The Sukey Jump Band – she has released two studio albums so far. They debuted with “Play!” in 2009 and in 2013 “My Cup of Tea” hit the charts. With her other band, Smoking Jackets, she performs at ukulele festivals, and regularly circuits the night club scene. Doubtlessly, these musical engagements have contributed to Heidi Swedberg’s wealth.

When it comes to her personal life, Heidi has been married since 1994 to Philip Holahan, with whom she has two children.

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