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April 18, 2024
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Harry Jon Benjamin is a Worcester, Massachusetts-born American actor and stand-up comedian professionally known as H. Jon Benjamin. Bon on 23 May 1966 into a Jewish family, Benjamin is best known for his leading role in the sitcoms “Bob’s Burgers” and “Archer”. A successful comedian in American film industry, Benjamin has been active in his profession since 1991.

A popular television artist who has also managed to have a successful career in Hollywood, one may wonder how rich is Benjamin at the present? As of early 2016, H. Jon Benjamin counts his net worth at the amount of $6 million. Obviously, most of his wealth is amassed due to his successful career as an actor and comedian. He being prominent on television as well as Hollywood has been most significant in making him a multi-millionaire.

H. Jon Benjamin Net Worth $6 Million

Raised in Worcester, Benjamin went to Worcester Academy and graduated from there in 1984. At the age of 24, he began his career as a comedian forming a duo with Sam Sedar being a member of the comedy team named Cross Comedy. After spending his initial seven years as a stand-up comedian, he started working independently and performed live in several projects. Eventually, he started writing and acting on television shows, debuting in 1994 with an acting role in the television series “Understanding”. Shortly, he was cast in the series “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” in which he voiced for several characters and also worked as a writer.

His performance in “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist” gave recognition to Benjamin, opening doors to several opportunities. Eventually, he became very prominent on television and performed in several TV programs including “Science Court”, “Upright Citizens Brigade”, “ Home Movies”, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, “Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker” and “Lucy, The Daughter Of The Evil” among many others. More recently, he appears on the shows like “Family Guy”, “Word Girl”, “Archer”, “Bob’s Burgers” and “Master Of None” in all of which he lends his voice. Obviously, all of these and more television performances have significantly added to his net worth over the years.

Apart from television, Benjamin has also managed to succeed as a Hollywood actor. Starting with a role in the 1997 movie “Who’s The Caboose”, Benjamin seized his prominence in Hollywood; until today, he has acted in several movies including “Not Another Teen Movie”, “Temptation”, “The Ten”, “A Bad Situationist”, “Hell & Back” and several others. More recently, he has performed in movies such as “Jason Nash Is Married”, “Creative Control” among others. These movies have not only helped Benjamin become an established name in Hollywood, but have also helped him by significantly raising his net worth.

The 49 years-old comedian was rewarded by a Vulture TV Award, naming him the year’s best male comedy performer for his roles in “Bob’s Burgers” and “Archer” in 2014.

He is married to Laura Silverman, and has one son. For now, Benjamin has been enjoying his successful career as an actor, comedian as well as a writer while his present net worth of $6 million has been complementing his successful career and life as a whole.

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