Guy Kawasaki Net Worth

July 17, 2023
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Guy Kawasaki is one of the richest businessmen in over the world. As of today, Guy Kawasaki’s net worth has reached the sum of 30 million dollars. Guy has earned most his net worth as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He has been working as an advisor for Google and was also a part of Apple working as the chief technology evangelist. Currently, he holds the above mentioned position in the graphic design tool Canva. Moreover, Kawasaki has added to his net worth as an author of the books. He has been accumulating his net worth for more than thirty years.

Guy Kawasaki Net Worth $30 Million

Guy Kawasaki was born on August 30, 1954 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. He is of Japanese American descent. It has been reported that Guy was influenced by his English teacher. In 1976, Guy graduated from Stanford University where he earned his bachelor degree in psychology. Later, he graduated with a master of business administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. After graduation he worked in a jewellery business which he considers to be a very tough one.

While studying at Stanford University he became friends with Mike Boich, who later became one of the most important persons at Apple Computer. His friend helped Guy to get his first job as a chief evangelist at Apple Computers. Kawasaki worked successfully at Apple for four years. Afterwards, he worked for ACIUS Company for two years. Those two positions helped him to gain knowledge and experience and also increased Guy Kawasaki’s net worth and wealth.

In 1989, Kawasaki resigned from the held position in order to pursue his career as a writer and speaker, which has also added much to Guy’s net worth. At that time, Kawasaki had been writing columns for a computer magazine ‘MacUser’ and a business magazine ‘Forbes’. What is more, Kawasaki founded the company called ‘Fog City Software’ which also increased the total amount of Kawasaki’s net worth, especially, after the program ‘Emailer’ was released.

In 1995, he became an Apple Fellow. Moreover, he co-founded ‘Garage Technology Ventures’, and was the founder of ‘Alltop’ and ‘Truemors’. In 2013, he accepted Google’s invitation to advise Motorola. Since 2014, Kawasaki has worked for Canva as the chief technology evangelist.

Guy Kawasaki has increased his net worth as an author of the following books ‘APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book’, ‘What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of us’ (2012), ‘Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions’, ‘Reality Check’ (2008), ‘The Art of the Start’ (2004), ‘Rules for Revolutionaries’ (2000), ‘How to Drive Your Competition Crazy’ (1995), ‘Hindsights’ (1995), ‘The Computer Curmudgeon’ (1993), ‘Selling the Dream’ (1992), ‘Database 101’ (1991) and ‘The Macintosh Way’ (1990). Due to Kawasaki’s experience and successful investments, it is expected that the net worth he currently possesses will be rising in the future.

Guy Kawasaki has been married once to his wife, Beth Kawasaki, and has two children, Noah Kawasaki and Nicodemus Kawasaki.

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