Girls’ Generation Net Worth

March 19, 2023
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Girls’ Generation is a South Korean band formed by Taeyeon, born on 9 March 1989; Sunny, born on 15 May 1989; Tiffany, born on 1 August 1989; Hyoyeon, born on 22 September 1989; Yuri, born on 5 December 1989; Sooyoung, born on 10 February 1990; Yoona, born on 30 May 1990; and Seohyun born on 28 June 1991. Girls’ Generation is best known for their albums such as ‘’Girls’ Generation’’ and ‘’I Got A Boy’’.

So just how rich is Girls’ Generation as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this band has net worth of $3 million, with their wealth being accumulated from their career in the previously mentioned field, active since 2007.

Girls’ Generation Net Worth $3 Million

Before the band was formed, some of its members had already been active in the entertainment business, but others made their debut. The auditions for the formation of the band were held, and in 2007 girls released their debut self-titled album, which helped them gain attention. The album consisted of 11 tracks such as the title song and ‘’Baby Baby’’, and was ultimately the second best selling album at the time of its release in South Korea. Their net worth was now established.

From mid-2009, Girls’ Generation worked on the EP entitled ‘’Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’’, distributed by S.M. Entertainment and made in collaboration with Yoo Young-jin, Kenzie, Hwang Seong-Je and Kim Jin-Hwan, featuring six songs including ‘’Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’’ and ‘’One Year Later’’. The album was a commercial success, selling over 200,000 copies by the end of 2010. In early 2010, the group released their second album entitled ‘’Oh!’’, that sold more almost 250,000 in South Korea alone, then in the following year they signed a deal with Nayutawave Records, to enter the Japanese music scene, and they released the Japanese version of ‘’Girls’ Generation’’ in 2011, which achieved notable success on charts, further boosting their net worth.

In 2013 the girls next album, ‘’I Got A Boy’’ consisted of 10 songs such as ‘’Dancing Queen’’, the remake of ‘’Mercy’’ by Duffy and the title song, among others. The album ultimately earned mostly positive reviews from critics, and was said “to satisfy not only K-pop fans but also listeners of all types of popular music’’. It also did well on charts, with its song ‘’Dancing Queen’’ taking first place on the Gaon Single chart. As of 2015, Girls’ Generation released ‘’Lion Heart’’, comprising 12 songs such as ‘’Lion Heart’’ and ‘’You Think’’, and in 2017 the album ‘’Holiday Night’’, released by S.M. Entertainment and consisting of 10 tracks including ‘’Girls Are Back’’ and ‘’All Night’’, which received worldwide recognition and took notable positions on charts in Australia, France and Japan besides South Korea. With such recognition, the band performed in ‘’Late Show with David Letterman’’ and ‘’Jessica & Krystal’’.

When it comes to their private lives, the girls share a fair amount of information through their social media accounts, however, they don’t share much about their relationships. Taeyeon is followed by 10.9 million people on Instagram, and her band mates have a similar number of followers. They are still described as ‘’innocent’’ and ‘’youthful’’.

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