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April 18, 2024
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Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, was born on 22 December 1951, in Omagh, Northern Ireland, UK. He is known as Britain’s richest landlord, and in fact according to Forbes magazine, is the wealthiest individual in the UK, although the Hinduja family and Reuben brothers are collectively wealthier.

So just how rich is Gerald Grosvenor? Forbes estimates that in 2015 the Duke’s net worth is over $13 billion, ranking him the 91st richest person in the world, with most of this wealth having been accumulated through inheritance from his father who died in 1979, and based on real estate holdings not only in the UK but other countries too.

Gerald Grosvenor Net Worth $13 Billion

Gerald Cavendish was educated at Harrow, although he was not particularly academic, so in 1970 he joined the Territorial Army as a trooper, but subsequently entered Sandhurst and was commissioned in 1973. He served in a variety of positions, and was consistently promoted until retiring as a Major-General in 2012, his last appointed being Deputy Commander Land Forces (Reserves).

Gerald Cavendish succeeded to his title, created by Queen Victoria in 1874, in 1979, and has effectively been the chairman of his company Grosvenor Estates since that time. The Duke owns all shares via several trusts, and is therefore rated the richest property owner and developer in the United Kingdom and one of the country’s largest landowners. He continues to benefit from the steadily improving real estate market for central London, as he owns at least 190 acres in Belgravia, an area adjacent to Buckingham Palace and one of London’s most expensive neighbourhoods. His family also has 13,000 acres of farmland near his Eaton Hall family seat in Cheshire, 96,000 acres in Scotland, 32,000 acres in Spain and thousands elsewhere in England, not to mention properties in San Francisco, Vancouver, Paris and Madrid. Overall, the Group owns real estate on all five continents, and latest reports estimate that the various properties amount to over $20 billion in assets under management.

In his personal life – and the Duke is a private person, preferring not to use his title, and despite his wealth, – Gerald Cavendish married Natasha Phillips in 1978, and the couple has a son and three daughters.

As with most billionaires, the Duke is a philanthropist, with an unsurprising particular interest in the countryside, and helped set up the Countryside Movement years ago, long before the appeal began to grow to the size and influence it has now, and has donated well over $2 million to it in the form of an unsecured loan.

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