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April 18, 2024
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Who is Faye Haldey?

Faye Hadley was born in San Antonio, Texas USA, on 25 September 1986 – her zodiac sign is Libra, and she holds American nationality. She’s a TV personality and a social media star, known best for hosting the automotive TV show “All Girls Garage”.

Early life and education

Faye grew up in San Antonio alongside her brother and sister. She was a brilliant student in middle school and high school, excelling in all of her classes. During her teenage years, she became interested in the automotive industry, after attending a school shop course, however, she initially ended up pursuing an entirely different career path.

After matriculating high school in 2004, Faye enrolled at the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then started working as a full-time therapist in Providence, Rhode Island.


Career in the automotive industry

Despite having a degree from an Ivy League university, Faye always secretly wanted to work in the automotive industry. In 2007, she took a break from college to embark on a road trip with her Volkswagen Rabbit. Later, she took an internship at a Volkswagen garage, while still working full-time as a therapist. This pushed her to give up on her previous career, and Faye moved to Portland, Oregon where she enrolled into an automotive program at a local community college, while working part-time at a repair shop.

Her first full-time job as an automotive technician was at a Toyota dealership, during which time Faye received in-depth training and several official Toyota certifications.


She worked on restoring her own 1989 Toyota Supra, and has since been employed in several other garages, where she worked on repairing other models by the same brand.

In 2013, Faye launched her YouTube channel, onto which she started uploading video tutorials about car repair. She quickly established herself as one of the top car-repair content creators on the platform, and her popularity helped her launch a career as an educator, and become one of the main stars of the TV show “All Girls Garage”.

Today, Faye run her own repair shop in her hometown of San Antonio, called Pistons & Pixiedust, through which she offers repairs of old Toyota, Lexus and Scion car models.

As a part of her business, she also holds live classes in her repair show, teaching her students the basics of car repair, including topics such as oil change, engine building basics, and roadside assistance.

Furthermore, Faye is one of the educators involved with the Woman and Machine program, founded by Karen Sullivan and Joanie Butler. The program provides free education for anyone interested in welding, metal fabrication, car repair and associated topics, with a particular focus on women who are often under-represented in the field.

“All Girls Garage” and other TV appearances

Faye joined the cast of the reality TV show “All Girls Garage” during its ninth season, which aired in 2019. The series premiered on Velocity (now known as Motor Trend) on 3 March 2012, and was initially hosted by Sarah ‘Bogi’ Latenier, Christy Lee, Rachel De Barros, and Jessi Combs.


Similar to shows such as “Wheeler Dealers”, “Fast N Loud” and “Overhaulin’”, the show follows the ins-and-outs of car repair, with one main difference – all the mechanics are women. “All Girls Garage” is also partially intended to be an educational show, helping people learn to fix common car problems.

Since 2012, the show has had several major cast changes. Most notably, the late Jessi Combs left the show in 2014, to host The Discovery Channel’s “Break Room”. She sadly passed away in 2019, while attempting to break her own land speed record in a 52,000-hp jet car. In the same year, Rachel De Barros left the show, for undisclosed reasons.

Current cast of “All Girl Repairs” consists of Faye and Sarah ‘Bogi’ Lateiner. Bogi has been hosting the show since its beginning in 2012. She is a dealer-trained ASE and BMW master certified technician, and the owner and founder of the all-female Girl Gang Garage repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona.

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In 2020, Faye made guest appearances in automotive TV shows “Best of Top Gear”, “Holiday Hooptie Challenge”, and “Shift Talkers”.

Since 2021, she’s been co-hosting the Motor Trend show, “Motor Mythbusters”, inspired by the popular educational show “Mythbusters”. The show follows Faye and her co-hosts Tory Belleci and Bisi Ezerioha, as they take a deep dive into uncovering popular automotive myths.

Love life and husband

Faye has been married to Brandon Hadley since 25 September 2016. The two met on a motorcycle road-trip in 2014, and started dating shortly afterwards. They made their relationship public in December the following year, when they posted their first photo on Instagram as a couple.


Much like his wife Faye, Brandon is also a handyman, andworks as a wood artist and furniture maker. In his spare time, he goes travelling with Faye, and helps her run her car repair shop.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Faye is a big fan of the NASCAR racing star, Smokey Yunnick, and has been known to talk about him frequently on her YouTube channel.

When she’s not busy working in her shop or filming, Faye takes care of her chicken coup. “I just love chickens! I don’t like social media, but I do like Instagram, and my feed is all chicken pages. It goes chicken, chicken, chicken, Supra, chicken, something from my mom, chicken, chicken.”, she said in an interview she gave for the Motor Trend website.

Faye has a lot of tattoos, and cultivates an alternative clothing and make-up style, which has attracted all kinds of attention from her viewers, both positive and negative. She decided to embrace the attention, and produce a YouTube make-up tutorial, which is now one her most-watched videos.

Presence on social media platforms

Out of all social media networks, Faye is most active on YouTube, uploading new videos onto her channel entitled ‘Faye Hadley’ at least once per week. As of February 2022, her channel, numbers more than 110,000 subscribers, and almost 10 million views. Some of her most popular videos are “I’m Boring All By Myself”, “How to Service a Sealed Toyota Transmission”, and “How to Flush Your Coolant! (at home, without any fancy tools) featuring various Toyotas!”


Faye is also quite popular on Instagram, with her account ‘@pistonsandpixiedust’ numbering over 100,000 followers. Her Instagram content is very on-brand, since she mainly makes posts about car repair and travelling.

Faye launched her Twitter account in early 2021, and has since attracted over 1,000 followers onto the platform, while her TikTok account numbers about 30,000 followers and 120,000 likes.

Age, height and net worth

Faye is 35 years old. She has long black hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs).

As of February 2022, her net worth has been estimated at more than $500,000.

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