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May 30, 2023
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April 14, 2012 Faith Ford attends the 10th Anniversary of TV Land Awards at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York *** Local Caption ***

Faith Ford was born on 14 September 1964, in Alexandria, Louisiana USA. She is a well known actress, probably best known for her appearances in such television shows as “Hope & Faith” and “Murphy Brown”. During her career, Faith Ford has been nominated for various awards. Some of them include, Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, TV Guide Award and many others. In addition to her various appearances on television shows, she has also acted in many movies. Faith has been working in the movie and television industries for many years and knows all its peculiarities. Although she is now 50 years old, she still continues working and is involved in a variety of projects. Hopefully, her fans will be able to enjoy her work for a long time.

So how rich is Faith Ford? It is estimated that Faith’s net worth is $4 million; clearly, the main source of this sum of money is her career as an actress. She gained her main incomes at the beginning of her career and despite the fact that she now receives less invitations to act in shows, she still maintains her popularity and has a lot of fans all over the world. As Faith will not end her career soon, there is a high chance that her net worth will grow.

Faith Ford Net Worth $4 Million

Faith grew up in a normal family, where her mother worked as a schoolteacher, while her father was an insurance agent. Faith studied at Pineville High School, where she became interested in acting. Being a young teenage girl she definitely dreamt about becoming a worldwide famous star, that is why she started doing something to achieve this goal. When Faith was 17 years old, she started working as a model and did other jobs in order to support herself. In 1983 Ford debuted as an actress in the television show called “One Life to Live”. This was the time when Ford’s net worth began growing. Later she was cast in another show entitled “Another World”.

In 2003 Faith started appearing in one of her most famous shows, called “Hope & Faith”. There she was able to act with such stars as Kelly Ripa, Macey Cruthird, Ted McGinley and others. Acting in this television show had a huge impact on the growth of Faith Ford’s net worth. Other television shows and movies in which Faith has appeared include, “Prom”, “North”, “Escapee”, “Carpoolers”, “Maggie Winters” and many others.

In addition to acting, Faith has also published her cookbook, called “Cooking with Faith”. This book gained a lot of popularity and added to Ford’s net worth. There is a high chance that soon Faith will appear in new projects and that soon we will hear more about her.

If to talk about Ford’s personal life, it can be said that Faith has married twice. Her first marriage was to Robert Nottingham(1989-96) which unfortunately ended in divorce. In 1998 Faith married Campion Murphy. All in all, Faith Ford is a very active and successful woman. She has worked really hard all her career and gained the popularity that she deserves. There is a high chance that Faith will continue her career.

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