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April 23, 2023
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Erin Andrews was born on 4 May 1978, in Lewiston, Maine USA. A journalist and TV persona, in 2007 Erin Andrews was acknowledged as “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster”, and is certainly best known for hosting such shows as “Dancing with the Stars” for ABC, as well as “Fox College Football” for Fox Sports. Erin is a former co-host of the entertainment show on college football games “College GameDay” aired on ESPN. Erin Andrews has also contributed to the American morning show “Good Morning America” which was aired on ABC and created by Donald L. Perris and William F. Baker.

So how rich is Erin Andrews? Currently it has been estimated by sources that Erin Andrews’ net worth has reached $20 million, the vast majority of which has been accumulated through her work on TV.

Erin Andrews Net Worth $20 Million

Erin Andrews’ father Stephen was also a TV journalist, who won six Emmy Awards; her mother Paula is a teacher. The family moved to Tampa, Florida because her father’s work, where Erin attended Bloomingdale High School and then the University of Florida,  graduating from the latter in Telecommunications. When she was a student, Erin was a successful dancer, being a member of several dance teams, plus student government, as well as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

After her graduation in 2000, Erin Andrews’ net worth immediately started growing, as she began working at “Fox Sports Florida” as a freelance reporter. From 2001 to 2004, Erin worked on the “Sunshine Network” and the “Turner South Network”. In 2004 Andrews joined the popular US channel ESPN, adding some income to her net worth while working as a reporter on ESPN’s “National Hockey Night”. She is also known as a reporter of “Great Outdoor Games”, “Little League World Series” and “College World Series”.

Since then, Erin has continued to successfully increase her net worth thanks to her talent in reporting. She was a reporter for “Big Ten”, “ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime”,  and “Major League Baseball”.

Erin Andrews’ net worth also received a boost with the famous journalist appearing as a guest on such talk shows as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Hence, Erin Andrews is not only famous for reporting sporting events related to football, baseball and basketball, but is also in demand to appear on other TV shows not necessarily related to sport.

In June 2012, Erin left ESPN and joined Fox Sports. Up to the present Erin has been commentating and commenting on most of the sports event that have been aired on Fox, including “World Series Baseball”, “NFL Playoffs”, “Daytona 500” and “MLB All-Star Game”. Erin also adds to her net worth while hosting “Fox College Saturday” and “Fox College Football Kickoff”. Recently, it was announced Erin is going to replace Pam Oliver on NFL broadcasting.

Additionally Erin Andrews also had a contract promoting “Reebok”, but a conflict of interest saw her drop this endorsement. However, Erin is also doing some charity work, being a spokesperson for Kraft Foods Huddle to Fight Hunger. In 2011, Erin was also supporting “Girls Night Out”, initiating the growth of women participating in sporting events.

In her personal life, Erin Andrews has apparently been dating Jarret Stoll, a Canadian ice hockey player, since 2012. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, since 2010 Erin has been involved in sueing Barrett, Marriott International, Radisson Hotels and five other entities for negligence and invasion of privacy in connection with secret videotaping of her in hotel rooms.

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