Double Rainbow Guy Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Paul ‘’Bear’’ Vasquez was born on 5 September 1962, in California, USA, and under the name Double Rainbow Guy, is best known as an internet celebrity who has appeared in the viral video of the same title.

So just how rich is Double Rainbow Guy, as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this internet star has net worth of $700,000, accumulated from his career in the mentioned field.

Double Rainbow Guy Net Worth $700,000

Before becoming an internet celebrity in 2010, we don’t have much information regarding his early life and education. Double Rainbow Guy was apparently an MMA fighter, and then a farmer, but he only rose to fame when he uploaded the video of himself discovering the double rainbow nearby in the sky. Speaking about this, he added that he often gets asked if he was on drugs during the time he filmed the video, since people were struck by his enthusiasm and over-enjoyment, adding ‘’Everybody asks me if I was high. No, I wasn’t high’’ and went on to say that it was like a religious experience for him. However, despite people being hesitant about his usage of drugs during the filming of the video, he gained a lot of fans for his enthusiasm and positive attitude. As a matter of fact, Double Rainbow Guy has been visited by many foreigners, who travelled from as far afield as Brazil and New Zealand in order to meet him in person, and during his journey to Island, where he was given a throne which people built for him. Double Rainbow Guy’s career skyrocketed thanks to his viral video, and soon he was being exposed more in the media, as he was a guest star in an episode of ‘’Jimmy Kimmel Live!’’ and additionally made commercials for Microsoft, one of the leading computing companies in the world, which garnered him even more recognition. Some of his other projects include being in the in-flight safety video for Delta Air Lines.

Struck by sudden fame, Double Rainbow Guy was surprised with how much attention he got, saying ‘’It was crazy. They were all surrounding me, they were nutz’’. His influence became so extensive that even the YouTube staff named one of their rooms for him after a meeting.

He posted the original video in mid-2010, and immediately attracted views; as of today, the video has accumulated more than 44 million views. Additionally, he was mentioned in other videos such as College Humor’s ‘’Double Rainbow Guy in Everyday Life’’, during the same year of the release of the video. Subsequently, his video was remixed and re-released by Schmoyoho under the title ‘’Double Rainbow Song!! (now on iTunes)’’ and as of today, it has been watched more than 38 million times. Besides that, as the song is available for purchase on iTunes, Double Rainbow Guy gets paid every time that the song is sold.

Speaking about his fame and the double rainbow he saw, he added that God basically confirmed that he was like the Old Testament patriarch, Noah, stating that through him, God wanted to give a message to humanity.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about his private life. He is active on Instagram, where he shares photos of himself, his friends and nature. As of today, he resides on his ranch near Yosemite National Park in California.

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