Donnie Bretherton Net Worth

February 7, 2023
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Donnie Bretherton (nee Skaggs) was born in 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana USA, and is a reality TV star, best known to the world for being a part of the Bretherton family, and for taking part in their show “Billy the Exterminator” (2009-2012).

Have you ever wondered how rich Donnie Bretherton is, as of late 2017? Unfortunately, Donnie’s overall wealth is yet to be disclosed by sources, but thanks to the success of the Bretherton’s family business and her appearances in the reality series, Donnie certainly counts her wealth in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Donnie Bretherton Net Worth Under Review

A Shreveport native, Donnie, grew up in in the suburb of Bossier. She is the youngest child in a large family that included six brothers and a sister.

She has been married to Bill Sr. Bretherton for 50 years, and is the mother of Billy Jr. and Ricky Bretherton. In 1996, her husband Bill started the Vexcon Animal & Pest Control company that deals with the extermination of vermin – pests, insects and other – and in no time, became one of the largest companies in their business in the southern region of the USA. Once it became the leader in its area, the Vexcon Animal & Pest Control and its employees became the subjects of the new A&E Network reality series “Billy the Exterminator”, entitled due to Billy’s position as a leader of the company. Donnie became responsible for answering calls from their clients, and sending her husband and two sons into the field to the right address.

Donnie was featured in all 75 episodes of the show, which certainly increased her net worth. After the series was canceled in 2012, following the argument her son Billy had with the rest of the family members, Donnie decided to retire from the company, and focus on other matters.

Regarding her personal life, Donnie has been married to Bill Bretherton since 1967, with whom she has two sons, Billy Jr. and Ricky.

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