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Ernesto Shaw was born on 8 January 1975 in Queens, New York City USA, and under his stage name DJ Clue, is a disk jockey, record producer and radio personality, perhaps best known for his street-level mix tapes such as “The Professional” (1998), his first mix tape CD, which gained him international success and effectively secured him a prosperous career.

Have you ever wondered how rich DJ Clue is? According to sources, it is estimated that DJ Clue’s overall net worth is $12 million, most of which has been acquired from the enormous success achieved by release of his first mix tape which sold more than a million copies as well as the following realization of his projects “The Professional 2” (2001) and “The Professional 3” (2006). His collaboration with Jay-Z also added to his net worth.


DJ Clue Net Worth $12 Million


DJ is the fourth child in a middle class family. His parents divorced when he was 12, so Ernesto decided to live with his father. He finished a local high school but never went to college, instead starting to work for a radio company and making his way up, already being recognized when he was a teenager. At the beginning of his career, “Clue” was interested in rapping and hip-hop and was known as MC Drama. He was the front-man of a rap group from Queens, when during one of their rehearsals he realized that he was more attracted to multiplying and subtracting beats to his own taste, and in that way expressing himself as an artist. A year later, he released his first tape “Clue #24” (1990), which became very popular around New York city, making “Clue” one of the most popular DJs in the city.

The diversity of his mixes attracted more and more fans, leading to “Clue” putting together up to two hundred mix tapes within a seven-year period. Owing to that, he connected with Jay-Z’s “Roc-a-Fella Records”, which released his first major-label debut “The Professional” (1998), which mostly displayed the biggest names of the rap industry such as Nas, Mobb Deep, Ja Rule and DMX and their hits. During this period, “Clue” continued building his reputation through the popular New York hip-hop station “Hot 97”. Shortly after, he founded his own record label “Desert Storm Records” which continues to work to this day and adds to DJ Clue’s total net worth.

In 2001 “Clue” released a second volume, “The Professional 2”, giving his work a new dimension. The mix tape thrilled the public by presenting a versatile collection of best known names, hitting number one on U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Years later, once again in collaboration with Jay-Z, “Clue” released his third studio album “The Professional 3” (2006). Among his other notable mix tapes, DJ Clue is also well known for “Clue For President” (1998), “Clueminatti” and “Show Me The Money Pt.I and II” (1996/7).

In each of the past three years he has earned the “Best Mix Tape” award., and currently he has his own shows on popular radio stations “Hot 97” and “Power FM”. Dj Clue is one of the most dominant club DJs in the world.

“Clue” was raised in a religious family and therefore even today follows Christianity. Regarding his private life and relationships, not much is leaked to the media, although it is known that he has no children.

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