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January 24, 2024
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Deion Luwynn Sanders, Sr. was born on 9 August 1967, in Fort Myers, Florida USA, and is justly famous – ans has been lauded as – the only person to play in both the National Football League Super Bowl, and the baseball World Series, the ultimate level in two of the highest profile sports in the USA.

So just how rich is Deion Sanders? Authoritative sources have estimated that Deion’s net worth grosses $40 million.  earned mostly from his careers in ‘grid iron’ football and baseball. However, he is retired from professional sport now and works as an NFL Network analyst.

Deion Sanders Net Worth $40 Million

Deion Sanders was a high school ‘student’ who successfully played football, basketball and baseball and was credited All-State letterman in all three sports. In college he also starred at football, basketball, and on the track. In 1989 Deion Sanders began his baseball career in the MLB. During his career in this sport Deion added enormously to his net worth as he played with the  New York Yankees (1989–1990), Atlanta Braves (1991–1994), Cincinnati Reds (1994–1995), San Francisco Giants (1995) and Cincinnati Reds (1997, 2001). Deion played baseball in the position of outfielder, left fielder or centre fielder, and in 1992 he was named NL Triples Champion, and ultimately played 641 games.

However, Deion Sanders’ career as a football player was even more successful, and Sanders significantly increased the overall amount of his net worth when playing in NFL. Deion started his professional football career alongside baseball, playing in 1989. Deion Sanders was a member of the NFL teams Atlanta Falcons (1989–1993), San Francisco 49ers (1994), Dallas Cowboys (1995–1999), Washington Redskins (2000) and Baltimore Ravens (2004–2005). He ‘retired’ for three years between 2001-03.

Deion acheived a number of records, and received a huge number of honours and awards as a footballer including twice a Super Bowl Champion – with the 49ers in 1994 and Cowboys a year later – twice an NFC champion, AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year, twice NFC Defensive Player of the Year, NFL Alumni Special Teams Player of the Year, eight times AP All-Pro, selected eight times for the Pro Bowl and other awards. Deion generally played in the position of cornerback, but also wide receiver and was a great return specialist. Of course he has been inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

In addition to being a great sportsman, Deion has added to his net worth appearing on mass media, and in endorsements. Sanders has taken part in a number of commercials, including those for companies including Pepsi, Nike, American Express, Pizza Hut and Burger King. He has appeared as the host of a television show ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1995 and co-host of the 2004 GMA Music Awards. Moreover, Deion is known as a rapper. He has released two albums ‘Prime Time’ in 1994 and ‘The Encore Remix’ in 2005. All have made healthy contributions  to his net worth.

In 2004, Deion worked as a coach of the women basketball team Dallas Fury. Currently, Deion Sanders works as an NFL Network analyst, this way continuing to increase his net worth,  but in 2012 founded the Prime Prep Academy Charter School and has coached at the school. In 2014, he debuted his new show, the Deion Family Playbook.

Deion Sanders has had two marriages. His first wife was Carolyn Chamber(1989-98) with whom he has two children. His second one was Pilar Biggers-Sanders(1999-2013) – he has custody of their three children.

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