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July 20, 2023
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David L. Ramsey III was born on 3 September 1960, in Antioch, Tennessee USA. Dave is a famous television personality, radio host, motivational speaker and financial author. He is best known through hosting the radio program called “The Dave Ramsey Show”, and for writing numerous books. In addition to this, Dave also has his own company, called “The Lampo Group, Inc.”.

Dave Ramsey Net Worth $55 Million

So how rich is Dave Ramsey? It is estimated by sources that Dave’s net worth is $55 million, which he has mainly accumulated through his writings and also his successful career as a television personality and radio host. Undoubtedly, Dave will continue writing books and doing other activities. There is also a possibility that Dave Ramsey’s net worth will become higher. Let’s hope the fans of his work will be able to hear soon about new projects in which Dave will participate.

Dave Ramsey studied at the University of Tennessee, from where he graduated in 1982 with a degree in Finance and Real Estate. Soon he founded the company called “Ramsey Investments, Inc” and became one of the youngest brokers in Tennessee. Unfortunately, in 1986 new tax reforms influenced Ramsey’s business, and because of this he had to file for bankruptcy. After this, Dave became one of the counsellors in the local church.

1992 was a big year for Dave Ramsey: he wrote his first book, entitled “Financial Peace”, which added a lot to Dave’s net worth. Other books written by Dave are “Total Money Makeover Workbook”, “”More than Enough”, “Financial Peace Revisited”, “”My Fantastic Fieldtrip: Junior Discovers Saving”, “”Battle of the Chores: Junior Discovers Debt” and others.

Also in 1992, Ramsey began his career as a radio host, when he started working on the show, “The Money Game” together with Roy Matlock. This had a huge impact on the growth of Dave Ramsey’s net worth. Now this show is known as “The Dave Ramsey Show”. It became very popular and in 2007 it transferred to become a television show, which was not quite as successful, but aired until 2010 when it was cancelled.

In addition to this, Dave Ramsey has founded “The Lampo Group, Inc.”, in 1992, and created the Financial Peace University, both aimed at assisting individuals through financial problems. He has also created the foundation called “Share It!”, a non-profit organization with similar aims. In 2009 Dave Ramsey won the Marconi Award, which rewards excellence in communication using the radio medium.

While talking about Dave Ramsey’s personal life, it can be said that Dave has been married to Sharon for more than 30 years: they have three children, and live in Tennessee.

Finally, Dave Ramsey is a hardworking man and very active person, still only 54 years old, who is full of ideas, and who has done a lot during his career. Dave has a lot of experience in finance, and he is willing to share this experience through his books. Let’s hope that soon he will write more of them.

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