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Dark Secrets Behind “Ax Men” Which You Had No Idea About



The blue-collar reality-television genre invaded television, and “Ax Men” was one of those TV shows that gave the viewers an inside look at how logging was done on American soil. Logging has been a successful industry since pre-colonial times, with many people becoming rich through this tough although highly disputed industry. It was a testament to the so-called American Dream that if people worked hard, took risks, and remained true to their goals, they would ultimately be rewarded. Showing documentaries about the logging industry may sound inexplicably boring on paper, but when it made its television debut in 2008, viewers were soon hooked, and it ran for 10 seasons. The success of the TV show wasn’t one without controversies and scandals, with dark secrets that most of its loyal viewers might be shocked to learn about.

Background on “Ax Men”

The History cable network found a goldmine when it followed the successful formula of the television programming of the “real-men-real-danger” trend, such as “Ice Road Truckers” and “Deadliest Catch.” They were both produced by Original Productions, and after chronicling the world of ice and water, they shifted their focus to the trees and mountains. “Ax Men” featured logging companies as they faced the dangers of cutting down trees and preparing the timber.

The first season tracked four logging crews based in the Pacific Northwest, such as J.M. Browning Logging, Gustafson Logging, Pihl Logging, and Stump Branch Logging. It showcased the activities of each crew as they used a chainsaw on timber in areas where they were given a permit to do so, amidst the damp and foggy weather.


Basically, the show could be summed up in one of the star’s descriptions about his experience: ‘I’ve had this leg broke, this knee crushed, my ribs broke, my shoulders broke. I’ve been cut and beat up just about every place on my body.’ He also said that in their line of work, anyone who posed a risk to the crew was ultimately fired.

“Ax Men” aired its first episode on 9 March 2008, and ultimately produced 163 episodes during its 10 seasons on History Channel. The show’s popularity had expanded globally, and was broadcast in several countries including the UK, Australia, Canada and Spain; the last episode was aired on 12 September 2019.

The premise of the show and what to expect each season

The main backdrop of the TV show, “Ax Men,” was the coastal forest of Oregon, a remote frontier hardened by the fury of the Pacific Ocean. It was where a rare breed of men gambled with life and limb as they wrangled thousand pounds of logs, dodged bone-crushing steel, and fought Mother Nature at every turn.

They risked everything just for a piece of the logging fortune. This particular job had beenas  unforgiving as the terrain itself, and Mother Nature didn’t play favorites. It was always either boom or bust, with the big rewards coming with even bigger risks. In this industry, not paying attention to the job or not being scared enough would mean stupidity.

The isolated Oregon wilderness was home to over a million acres of green gold. With more than 60 inches, or over 150cms of rainfall each year, it’s the perfect incubator for growing trees. One of the veteran loggers, Jay Browning said, ‘We grow trees by accident. Trees are a renewable resource and a lot of people don’t understand that.’ The first episode gave the viewers what to expect from the logging crews as the first brigade of loggers drove into the heart of some of the deepest and the most remote forests in the Pacific Northwest.

For three months, these loggers retrieved timber from the unforgiving forest, with time their enemy as with every job they took, they were aware that millions of dollars worth of timber was on the line.

Dark secrets, controversies, and scandals in “Ax Men”

With the stiff competition in the logging industry, the crews in the Pacific Northwest placed everything they had on the line each year, just to be on top of the game. Some of them were even questioned by the authorities about their business practices, which led to some legal repercussions. Others took risks in battling the unpredictable and extremely dangerous weather conditions to get a huge payday, or at the least gain enough just to keep their businesses afloat. During its successful 10-season run, the cast and crew of “Ax Men” had their share of dark secrets, controversies, and scandals.


S & S Logging busted for illegal logging

In the second season of “Ax Men,” they welcomed three more logging companies, one of them S & S Logging. It was owned and managed by Jimmy Smith, who started his Aberdeen, Washington-based company because he said nobody was doing it. He proudly claimed in the TV show that his crew located and acquired those perfectly preserved timbers laying in the waterways for a quick buck. His son James Jr. helped him run his underwater logging operation, and their colorful and comical narrative in the series made them fan favorites.

However, in March 2009, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, or DNR investigated the company after they were featured in “Ax Men.” With the help of the Harbor County Prosecutor, the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, a search warrant was executed on S & S Logging.

Apparently, the company didn’t have a permit to operate, and so more than 50 pieces of wood including 20 logs were seized from their warehouse. Harvesting the old-growth logs from the riverbed was considered illegal, and the Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark said that it was unfortunate that History Channel chose to feature this illegal practice on TV. The only time that the DNR gave a permit to remove those logs was during emergencies, in which their presence in the waterways caused flooding in the area, but never for commercial harvesting.

Logging companies lost money on the show

It was ironic that several logging companies that were featured in “Ax Men” didn’t earn as much money as they did when they weren’t on TV. While being on the show gave them a bit of national fame, and captured the hearts of a loyal audience, there were reports that some of those loggers posted their best results when they left the show.

Apparently, the logging crews were heavily distracted by the cameras and so their performance wasn’t on a par as compared to the time they weren’t on TV, and their revenue suffered because of this.

“Ax Men” pilot’s death led to safety investigations

Logging has been known to have a high mortality rate, considering the dangers that loggers go through each time they harvest timber. When it was reported that one of the helicopter pilots, William Bart Colantuono, had an accident while lifting logs during the filming of the TV show, it wasn’t shocking given the situation. He was one of the fan favorites during the second and third seasons of the show, because of his helicopter antics. Days after the accident was reported, people were stunned when it was revealed that some of its loyal viewers urged the authorities to conduct a safety investigation surrounding his death.


The official report of the accident was that the rotor blade of the helicopter malfunctioned, which wasn’t anything unusual. However, some of them felt that the producers of the show allegedly asked the pilot to do some stunts to make it more exciting for the audience, and they may have caused mechanical problems in the helicopter.

Gustafson Logging was booted out due to professionalism

Viewers wondered why Gustafson Logging only appeared on the first season of “Ax Men.” Their company had been harvesting timber since 1974, and it came as a surprise to many when they were never invited back onto the show. When Clay Gustafson was asked about it, he didn’t mince words, and said it was because his logging crew was too professional for a reality-TV series. He said that the Gustafson crew were considered a dry bunch of loggers who only worked hard, and never offered anything dramatically entertaining that the producers could use as a highlight for the show. While other logging companies had fiery arguments and were throwing insults, their crew kept everything respectful.

Veteran logger Jay Browning gave unfavorable reviews about the show

Fans of “Ax Men” knew about Jay Browning’s criticisms of the TV show. He was the first star to gain popularity through the show, by participating in it from its TV premiere up to its fourth season. His no-holds-barred personality captured the hearts of many viewers, and his prosthetic limb added an appeal to his gruff nature that made him one of the most recognized faces in the show. Loyal viewers were shocked when he left – he kept quiet for a while, but eventually said yes to some interviews, revealing that he wasn’t happy with the way History Channel producers were running the show.

Jay had reservations about the show when the first season was aired, but he somehow learned to adapt to it. However, after staying from 2008 to 2011, he’d had enough, saying that History Channel ‘set the industry back 50 years.’ Modern technology and safety guidelines made logging safer, as they didn’t have many fatalities anymore, compared to the past.

The TV show, he claimed, was hell-bent on waiting for something dramatic or tragic to happen, which didn’t do any good for the industry. At that time, he hadn’t ruled out returning to the show, but said that certain changes must be made first.

The original cast thought it was going to be an educational TV series

History Channel started by airing documentaries that educated viewers on the history of mankind in different parts of the world, most especially the horrors of World War II. When TV producers offered the TV show to the original logging crews, they all thought that it would feature the different aspects of the logging industry, and its relation to natural resources preservation, which could help educate people about it, never thinking that the producers were banking on the different personalities of the crews to create tension and drama. Some didn’t like what happened or were surprised when they finally watched the episodes. Some thought they could adjust to the business side of the television industry and just go with the flow, but eventually they quit.

Jimmy Smith and his fraudulent disability claims

After being investigated due to his illegal logging activities, one would think that Jimmy Smith would have been more careful not to attract the attention of the authorities. However, he made some fraudulent disability claims that sparked another investigation. Apparently, many years ago, long before he became part of “Ax Men,” he applied for disability benefits from the government. He was already working, but failed to inform the agency that he no longer needed support. This scheme would have worked with other regular Joe’s out there, but with him being seen on TV every week, not only locally but internationally, he was bound to get busted.

Faked family connections for better show narrative

Fans were disappointed when they found out that some family connections presented in the show weren’t real. For instance, during the sixth season of the show, Katelyn Sims was introduced as a replacement for Dreadknots Logging crewmember Chris Miller, and that she was the cousin of another crew member, Dave Stone.


She was called “cuz” several times in the show, but they weren’t blood-related at all. Some of the fans believed it was probably the decision of the producers or writers of the show to give a better narrative when certain people in the show were replaced. This crew was easily remembered, due to their unusual practice of firing guns into the water to help them find logs.

Mike Pihl was arrested by the police

One of the original cast members of “Ax Men” was reportedly arrested in 2009. Mike Pihl, the owner of Pihl Logging Company, was seen as a typical logger with a gruff personality, but was never perceived to be a bad guy. He was known to have been generous in helping people start their own companies, just like he did with his former employee, and Mike was also instrumental in giving other loggers a chance to be featured on the TV show. However, he made the monumental mistake of driving while under the influence of alcohol which resulted in a vehicular accident that injured his children. He was charged accordingly and with assault, but it was later dropped due to a technicality, as the accident happened inside his property.

Most deaths in “Ax Men” were not due to the danger of their work

Almost 200 years ago, mountain men bootstrapped their way into the wilderness and never left. Most of the logging companies featured in the show were run by families, as children followed their parents into the same industry. It was in those mountains that generations of loggers continued the tradition of harvesting and replanting over and over again. For the men who chose to do this work, it would mean wrestling the timber from the forest, and getting out alive.

However, since the show’s inception, only one death was connected to logging, and that was the helicopter crash involving William Bart Colantuono. The others were of natural causes, accidents away from work, and illness. Jimmy Smith (Season 1 – 4) battled cancer, and died in November 2012. Gabe Ryyard (Season 2 – 10) was involved in a vehicular accident, and died in September 2016.

Stacey Robeson (Season 1-2, 10) from the Pihl Logging crew died in December 2018, but no official reason was given; initially, it was reported he died in a logging accident, but later on, someone said it was from a heart attack. Dwayne Dethlefs (Season 1) died in 2019, but again no official cause of death was announced.

The TV show, “Ax Men,” generated much interest in the logging industry, but unfortunately missed the chance to show the viewers the full picture of how these loggers also protected natural resources. The loggers asked the producers why they never showed them replanting trees or protecting the streams in the wilderness. They too wondered why the show was just focused on the drama and the danger. The producers told them that it was because they wanted people to watch the TV show – not everyone realized that television was just like every other industry out there; they needed to earn huge money to be competitive. The more a TV series became entertaining to viewers, the more money they earned for the network. That’s life!

As the Freelance Writer at Net Worth Post, I steer producing riveting stories about the lives and triumphs of influencers. With an unwavering commitment to precision and a flair for weaving compelling tales, I guide our content creation, from the depths of research to the pinnacle of narrative excellence. My responsibilities encompass the full spectrum of editorial management, including the meticulous investigation, narrative development, and upholding the integrity and high standard of our output.

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How is Cassidy Mceown from “Rust Valley Restorers” doing now?



It’s not easy to get rid of hundreds of cars, especially when most of them aren’t in good condition to start with. The solution? Mike Hall and his “Rust Valley Restorers” team came up with the idea of restoring his 400 cars by selling them one by one regardless of how long it takes. Nevertheless, the road hasn’t been an easy one, and the workload is still high.

While Hall’s son Connor, and business partner Avery Shoaf do their best to keep up the restoration business, and not let him spend money on unnecessary things, other members of the Rust Bros Restorations have gained fame for their notable work and charisma. One of them is Cassidy Mceown, the young but incredibly talented apprentice i the show.

Nonetheless, given how long it’s been since we last saw our favorite “Rust Valley Restorers” on TV, the question of what Cassidy is doing these days doesn’t leave our minds. Stay here to know all about Cassidy’s whereabouts, her career now, and if she’s still part of the show.

What Is She Doing Now?

Life in a very busy bodywork shop isn’t easy, yet Cassidy Mceown deals with it just fine. As an apprentice at Rust Bros Restorations, Cassidy faces a lot of career challenges and new problems every day, but her thirst for knowledge of the trade and her willfully hard-working attitude keeps her on her feet, and ensures she’ll keep advancing in her still young career.

Appearing in “Rust Valley Restorations” has alredy pushed her career forward, gaining her hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media, on which she often posts updates about the show and her work in the shop.

While Cassidy is doing great professionally, the same couldn’t be said about her personal endeavors. As she informed her TikTok followers, her father sadly passed away in February 2023, leaving her no option but to take a short break from social media to deal with the unfortunate family situation.

That being said, even though Cassidy has been through some difficult times as of late, she’s just as committed to her work and studies as we’ve seen on screen through “Rust Valley Restorations”.


What Happened To Her Father?

Those who have been following Cassidy Mceown long enough know that she doesn’t shy away from showing her love for her family. Not only have they encouraged her to follow her dream of working in the automotive industry, but also taught her the basics of the trade, as car lovers themselves.

Nonetheless, Cassidy’s father had been going through some health issues for quite some time. In 2021, he suffered a cardio respiratory failure, and developed atrophy in one of his legs which left him unable to walk, on top of dealing with a long-time disability the product of an accident he suffered in his teens. Besides being connected to a full-time oxygen provider, he needed a health mobility scooter which Cassidy provided for him, thanks to a fundraising campaign she organized in July 2022.

Unfortunately, the health of Cassidy’s father didn’t improve with time. According to her, he had gone a couple of days without sleep before finally taking a nap on the morning of 2 February 2023, dying in his sleep a couple of hours later.

Although Cassidy had initially refrained from talking about his passing, on a TikTok video she affirmed ‘my dad is just too amazing not to talk about’, adding that he’d always supported her, and described him as someone who used to lend a hand to everyone in need.

Social Media

Besides sharing bits about her family and personal endeavors on social media, Cassidy Mceown has made good use of these platforms to promote her career, and teach others about the automotive fixing and restoration craft. She has over 145,000 followers on TikTok alone and more than a million likes gained, while on Instagram she has an impressive audience of 120,000 followers.

While many of her fans come from “Rust Valley Restorers”, her top-notch car-centered content has attracted many of her audience as well. Some of her most popular content includes tutorials on painting jobs, hammering, welding and valuable information related to the car business and car parts. Cassidy’s co-workers at Rust Bros Restorations often appear on her videos as well, either taking part in her tutorials or following her lead as she joins some online funny trends.

Taking advantage of her popularity online, Cassidy also launched her online shop Resto Broad, which lists her original designs on T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

Working For Mike

There are certainly many places to go for an apprenticeship, yet there are surely more special reasons to work for Mike Hall at Rust Valley Restorations.

According to Cassidy, the work at Mike’s business isn’t highly compensated financially-wise, receiving only the average wage to work there, and appear in the show. Her main motivation to stick with Mike is fueled by something even greater than just money. As she admitted on a TikTok video from January 2023, she credits Mike for her professional growth due to the fact he doesn’t underestimate her abilities for being a girl, on occasions even ‘overruling’ customers who don’t trust her, and deem her incapable.

Other reasons for working with Mike include the great amount of knowledge Cassidy has obtained from her time in the shop: ‘Mike has given me nothing but experience and has pushed me to do more and more every single year’, she said, affirming she’s grateful for having a boss who ‘has her back’, and pushes her out of her comfort zone.


Some of the most valuable skills Cassidy has obtained from her time at Rust Valley Restorations include improving her welding and metal-working abilities, on top of learning the basics of mechanics. Overall, so far the experience has been a great one for Cassidy.

How Much Does She Earn?

While the common expectations of appearing in a TV show include receiving juicy salaries and gaining quick fame, that’s not the case for Cassidy Mceown and her “Rust Valley Restorers” co-stars. As she affirmed in a video shared on her social media in October 2022, her salary from the show is nothing extraordinary: ‘we just get our normal wages, and even our wages are pretty average on the lower side, industry standard’, she affirmed.

While Cassidy admitted that Mike Hall and Avery Shoaf’s salaries from the show are higher than hers and the rest of the staff for being the shop owners, they don’t receive that much money anyway. To explain why “Rust Valley Restorers” salaries aren’t as great as expected, Cassidy affirms that Canadian TV isn’t as profitable as the US industry, hence making their working conditions quite different. Discounts on car parts and similar sponsorships is one of the very few benefits that Cassidy and her co-stars get for appearing in the show.

How Did She Get Into The Show?

It takes lots of courage to give the first step toward following a dream, though for Cassidy it was a matter of trusting her gut, and having the support of her loved ones. To become who she is nowadays, Cassidy took the risk of sending a resumé to Rust Bros Restorers right when they were looking for people to appear in their still yet-to-be-premiered TV show in 2018.

The idea came from Cassidy’s mother, who found out about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity while reading the local newspaper. While at the time Cassidy was only a year into her apprenticeship program at Okanagan College, she was quite trustful that her daughter was the perfect fit for “Rust Valley Restorers”, and so become a role model for other women in the trades.

After contacting Mike Hall and the shop, Cassidy went through several rounds of interviews before the producers chose her to appear in the show. Nonetheless, none of it would have been possible if she hadn’t taken the chance in the first place: ‘As embarrassing or as hard as it might be to go and take that big step, it’s important to put yourself out there so you can have the opportunity to have a job like this’, she said in an interview with Okanagan College’s YouTube channel.


Appearing In A TV Show

It’s not every day that a common person gets to appear on TV, but reality shows have made that possible for people in all types of life and trades. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make the experience any simpler or extraordinary for the people involved in it, which is something Cassidy Mceown has come to know first-hand.

As Cassidy affirmed during a 2021 interview with the Okanagan College Trades & Apprenticeship, her beginnings in “Rust Valley Restorers” were ‘quite nerve-racking and hard to adjust to’ for her, often letting her inexperience get the best of her in front of cameras, As she admitted, stuttering and becoming flustered while filming was often frustrating, taking her a while to get used to it.

Though it took her a couple of years, Cassidy got a grasp of it all and ultimately became a fan favorite for her personality and strong work ethic. Nonetheless, despite the lots of experience in front of cameras that she has gained so far, Cassidy admits that it still takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make “Rust Valley Restorers” as interesting as it is.

Why Did She Get Into The Trade?

Coming from a family in which everyone is a mechanic, Cassidy Mceown’s choice to dedicate her life to the trades was almost expected. As she admitted in a video interview with Okanagan College Trades & Apprenticeship in 2021, the fact that her mother is a mechanic and her father was a small engine expert made it simple for her to choose this path of life, especially since both parents passed down their knowledge to their kids.

Cassidy’s time in high school allowed her to improve her auto-body skills as well, something she considers an advantage career-wise for expanding her options in the long run: ‘it’s a good option, given that if you decide to pursue other careers, you know that you always have another profession to fall back on’, she affirmed. Later on, Cassidy’s skills expanded to the restoration field, complementing her previously acquired knowledge of cars with metal-working.

That being said, Cassidy’s job at Rust Bros Restorations includes, yet isn’t entirely focused on mechanics. As she affirmed in a social media video from 2023, she isn’t a mechanic per se, as her job at the shop is described as a journeyman body man, and consists of repairing damages to the suspension, frames, and structure, on top of doing painting and welding work.


Advice For Women In The Industry

As a young woman in a male-dominated industry, Cassidy Mceown knows well how hard it is to find a place in the field. While she admits to being quite lucky to work in a place with people who support her, and meet other women in the industry, Cassidy does her best to support others who want to follow their dreams in the trade, but are afraid of not being accepted into it.

As seen on her social media, in late 2022 Cassidy attended a conference organized by the British Columbia Institute of Technology, which allowed her to connect with other women in trades, and offer them some guidance and advice on how to face the challenges which come with the career.

As well, in a 2021 interview, Cassidy had already addressed the topic of the lack of female presence in the auto body field and similar crafts, admitting that despite being necessary to develop a ‘tough skin and a sense of humor’ to survive in the industry, it all comes down to having a positive attitude during difficulties.

Future Goals

While Cassidy Mceown’s career is still in its early stages, she already has lots of plans for the future. At the time she was interviewed by the Okanagan College in 2021, her first goal was to finish her last year of apprenticeship there, then continue moving forward in her career.

One of Cassidy’s other goals was to start her own business with her mother, who had been encouraging her to start a bike mechanical shop together for some time. As admitted by Cassidy, it would take some time to have everything ready for it, but it was a work in process nonetheless.

Fast forward to present times, it’s unclear how close Cassidy is to starting her dream business, but she definitely keeps moving forward. As she confirmed in November 2022, a fifth “Rust Valley Restorers” season was already in the works, confirming with this that she indeed will keep working with the guys at Rust Bros Restorations for some time to come. That is good news for all of us.

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The Untold Truth About Expedition Unknown



Although stories about previously unknown, ancient treasures and unveiled mysteries are usually seen as fictional fantasies, those same topics are exactly what makes “Expedition Unknown” so endearing. While the show takes us to the most fantastic and historically meaningful places around the world, what has really been keeping us engrossed with it for years it’s discovering the biggest secrets history has in store for us, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

“Expedition Unknown”s premise is very unique and so are the show’s settings, format and approach to topics. However, knowing how well produced and planned it is, it makes us wonder about things we aren’t able to see on-screen.

For this we have prepared a list of the less known facts about the show, including interesting bits about its host Josh Gates, his crew and what they’ve discovered so far. This is the unknown truth about “Expedition Unknown“.

Josh Has An Impressive Career

Just in case you have missed it, Josh Gates has an impressive career both in and outside the entertainment industry. A native of Massachusetts and born into a British-American family, Josh graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Archeology and Drama.

Although the fields are an uncommon combination, his professional background has allowed him to incorporate both. His debut on TV happened back in 2002, when he made short appearances in the ESPN’s game show “Beg, Borrow & Deal” and other TV productions. His big time finally came in 2007 with “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth”, which became Syfy’s most watched show for a while.

While his career as an actor is less well-known, it’s not non-existent either, having played roles in low-budget movies such as “Party Foul” in 2003, and “Hard Cell” in 2007.


Josh has also been involved with the production of many of the series he’s hosted, including “Stranded” and “Legendary Locations”.

Though Josh’s background as an archaeologist has allowed him to develop the proper experience to be his show’s investigator, his involvement with paranormal-related and myth-hunter shows make him a very multi-faceted TV personality as well.

Filming Takes A Long Time

As expected, when it comes to a show so well planned and shot on location like “Expedition Unknown” is, filming could take unexpectedly long periods of hard work.

As it happens, in “Expedition Unknown” we’re used to seeing Josh and his experts travel around the world. Though that would be genuinely enjoyable for almost everyone, transporting the camera crew and production staff to those places usually takes weeks or even months of preparation, besides the normal time filming takes.

All in all, it’s said that to produce every season of “Expedition Unknown”, the crew take 200 days a year, out of which hundreds of hours are spent in airplanes and other transport, as Josh affirms.

The Most Dangerous Place

For those who are used to seeing Josh Gates shenanigans in the show, it’s hard to think of naming only one place as the most life-endangering.

However, Josh’s closest call was definitely in Myanmar. It happened back in 2015, when he and his crew were filming the episode “Curse Of The Golden Bell” in the search for an ancient and lost artifact which took him to the depths of the Yangon River. While Josh is a professional scuba diver, he didn’t consider the difficulties that entailed swimming in such muddy waters.

The lack of visibility caused by the heavy pollution and strong currents made his mission to find King Dhammazedi’s Great Bell impossible.

As he affirms, diving there was like ‘working with a blindfold on, feeling around underwater’ and despite his initial enthusiasm, the conditions were not only just too dangerous, but actually the worst he’d ever experienced.

All in all, desisting from it was a good idea, especially considering how many people have actually died in the Yangon River while looking for the Great Bell.

Unexpected News While Filming

It’s nothing out of the normal for TV casts to be in contact with their families while filming, especially for shows like “Expedition Unknown”, in which the crews have to spend long periods traveling and away from their loved ones.

As it comes, Josh Gates was given one of the best news items of his life while filming the show. It was back in season two, when Josh and his crew were in Portugal filming the episode “Secrets of Christopher Columbus”, as he was phoned by his wife to tell him they were having a baby.


The exact moment in which an overly excited and emotional Josh informs people around him that he was going to become a dad for the first time, was filmed and included in the episode.

Later in season four, again while on the road with the “Expedition Unknown”s crew, Josh was informed that he was going to become a father for a second time; he wasn’t filmed, we can clearly imagine his reaction.

Humor Doesn’t Always Go As It Should

Despite being an investigation-centered show, “Expedition Unknown” always has a little touch of humor to make everything lighter.

However, despite how entertaining and light-hearted Josh Gates’ jokes are to us, he affirms that being funny isn’t his strongest skill. According to him, his attempt at humor ‘falls flat all the time’, but it’s admittedly his way of not only keeping the audience’s attention, but to make the work environment easier to endure during situations hard to deal with.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Josh Gates (@gatesygram)

Despite the extensive planning the show’s staff does, things in “Expedition Unknown” don’t always go as they should while filming, so joking and trying to lift everyone’s spirits on set is considered important in Josh’s perspective. That positive approach is probably appreciated by his fellow co-workers, and the audience surely enjoys seeing  and hearing it.

Food Is Not Always Safe To Consume

For a show such as “Expedition Unknown”, unexpected problems related to environmental factors occur quite often. As is obvious, the crew usually deals with problems just fine, but there are times in which things get so out of hand that it could endanger the cast’s wellbeing.

The latter situation happened during the fourth season, when the crew was in Ecuador filming “Hunt for the Metal Library”, and had to spend a long time enclosed in a cave. While the crew was prepared beforehand to successfully face the conditions of said environment, having to eat in a place where there were many animals had its consequences.

This resulted in three members of the show’s crew falling sick for consuming bat’s excrement that somehow had fallen on their food. While their health’s condition didn’t worsen and their sickness was actually not as serious as it sounds, it’s enough to give us an idea of how far the show goes to keep the cameras rolling.

Josh Married A Co-Star

As should be obvious, Josh Gates’ work schedule has been very hectic since he made his TV debut. Knowing he spends a significant part of his life on set, it’s understandable that he ended up meeting his significant other half there as well.

As it happened, Josh and his then wife-to-be Hallie Gnatovich met on the set of his formerly-hosted show “Destination Truth”, for which she worked as an off-camera researcher. Though details about their relationship are unknown, in 2014 they tied the knot, and have since welcomed two children together.


Despite Josh’s celebrity status, he and Hallie have carefully kept their children’s privacy, by not revealing their names or faces to the public. Regardless of their choice maintaining their private, their relationship always looked blissful from the outside, that is until Hallie announced in August 2021 that she and Josh had been separated for ‘a year and half’. In her words, their divorce had been officialized just a couple of months before, and both of them were still trying to figure out their shared parenthood and separate lives.

Josh Gates Famous Necklace

One never gets surprised enough when it comes to celebrities and things their fans do for them. Although Josh Gates’ personality is pretty much on the humble and chill side, some of the weirdest aspects of being famous is the fact that his necklace, which he usually wears in the show, has become quite popular as well.

If you don’t believe us, you only have to look up “Josh Gates Necklace” on Facebook, and see it for yourself. As it turns out, the page is very active and usually updates “Expedition Unknown” fans on Josh’s shenanigans.

While the aforementioned accessory has been described as ‘not magical’ by Josh, seeing that its page has over 3,000 fans and keeps growing, it makes us question if his words are actually untrue.

How Topics Are Selected

Seeing that “Expedition Unknown”s main premise is that of pursuing and unveiling ancient mysteries, it’s only expected that a lot of research takes place prior to letting its crew adventure into often unknown territory.

There are certain aspects which play a big role while choosing what and where the show’s crew is going to explore. While every myth could be interesting enough to be considered, what catches the show’s research team’s attention is if the stories indeed have substance, or as Josh describes it, if they have ‘meat on the bone’.

With the help of international archaeologists and experts in other fields, Josh and his crew follow the leads that actually lead to something instead of simply being completely unproven.

Besides the obvious pre-research that they go through, logistics and resources are factors not to be left aside. However, according to Josh, he and the show’s crew go on their adventures without knowing a great deal about what is going to happen in the end, which obviously makes the whole deal more interesting for both them and the audience.

What Josh Has To Say About William Shatner

Throughout the years, “Expedition Unknown” has surely given us many memorable moments. Out of those, one of the most interesting was shown in the series’ spin-off, “Shark Trek”, featuring William Shatner.


Of course, this sort of tribute to “Star Trek” was unexpected considering the show’s usual concept. Despite that, the challenges encountered by Josh Gates’ crew along the way turned out as an extraordinary experience for everyone.

However, if there’s something that stuck in our heads it was how easily William adapted to the show. It wasn’t only us who noticed it though, as Josh admitted himself that besides being an amazing co-star, William’s genuine interest made everything more enjoyable.

According to Josh, what made William’s a memorable partner was definitely his willingness to ‘tackle and understand’ his fear, in order to ultimately conquer it. Those are qualities which surely an expedition expert such as Josh appreciates a lot, and will make us remember the special show with a smile for a long time.

The Reason They Went On Exploring Sharks

As entertaining as “Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek’ was, at first many people were surprised to find that the series would continue exploring sharks, which was an admittedly unusual topic for a series mostly focused on uncovering other types of mysteries.

While the reaction is understandable, there were actually good reasons for this objective. As Josh explained, more than just going on a trip looking for sharks, his main focus was to explore human’s fearful attitude towards the unknown. In his words, the common fear towards these animals is partially caused by the media’s influence, films such as “Jaws”, and prejudices based on their appearance. However, by examining these sea creatures, Josh wanted to not only understand them, but to debunk the many misconceptions surrounding the species.

Needless to say, Josh’s intentions with the show are well appreciated by the audience, and surely by environmentalists as well.

The Reason It Has Many Spin-Offs

“Expedition Unknown” has spawned several spin-off mini-series over the years, including titles such as “Hunt For The Yeti” and “Egypt Live”, which makes us feel happy to see it becoming a successful franchise.

However, while these aforementioned series were meant to show specific expeditions made by the crew in a deeper way, for the last couple of years, long-running spin-offs “Josh Gates Tonight” and “Expedition X” have also been released.

The reasoning behind creating these series in this new format, is a matter of adapting to the several regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it difficult to produce “Expedition Unknown” in the same way we were used to.

Traveling and filming is also a big concern for the show’s production team for the same reason, but they’ve at least continued to produce content for the franchise until the situation improves. That’s a relief for fans, who still wait for “Expedition Unknown”s return to TV screens as it was previously.

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