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June 4, 2023
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Born Dana Michelle Strain on the 7th November 1964 in Maywood, California USA, she was an actress best known to the world for playing Kimberly Drummond in the sitcom “Different Strokes” (1978-1986). Her career was active from 1975 until 1999, when she passed away.

Have you ever wondered how rich Dana Plato was at the time of her death? According to authoritative sources, it was estimated that Dana Plato`s net worth was just $1,000; her net worth could have been larger, however, she fell under drug abuse, and eventually died of an overdose.

Dana Plato Net Worth $1,000

Dana was the result of a teenage pregnancy of Linda Strain, but at the age of seven months, she was adopted by Dean Plato and his wife Florine. However, when she was three, the two divorced, and she then lived with her adoptive mother, who enrolled her into acting auditions, and her first on-screen appearance happened when Dana was seven years old. She made more than 100 commercials, which only increased her net worth, including for companies such as KFC, Atlantic Richfield and Dole, among many others.

Dana’s acting career began in 1975 with a brief role in the TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man”, which was followed by roles in the film “Return To Boggy Creek” (1977), and in “California Suite” (1978). In the same year she was selected for the role of Kimberly Drummond in the TV series “Diff`rent Strokes”, and stayed in the show until 1986, during which period her net worth increased to a large degree, but also, the role boosted her popularity. While the show lasted, Dana appeared in several other shows too, including “Hello, Larry” (1979), “CHiPs” (1979-1980), “The Love Boat” (1984), and “Growing Pains” (1985). Following the end of her tenure in”Diff’rent Strokes”, Dana auditioned for other roles, however, only managed to secure roles in B category movies, such as “Prime Suspect” (1989), “Bikini Beach Race” (1992), and “Lethal Cowboy” (1995). She then had breast implants and posed for Playboy, however, neither managed to re-start her career. Instead, she apparently lost most of her money to a fraudulent accountant, and the custody of her son. She fell under drug influence, but still appeared in several more films, including “The Hostage” (1998), “Desperation Boulevard” (1998), and “Silent Scream” (1999). One film was released three years after her death, entitled “Pacino is Missing” (2002).

Regarding her personal life, ravaged by drugs and other problems including with the law, Dana took her own life on the 8th May 1999, apparently from a drug overdose. She was married to Lanny Lambert from 1984 until 1990; the couple had a son, Tyler, who also committed suicide in 2010. His manager said that Tyler`s state of mind was questionable, and said that he always wanted to be with his mom.

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