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August 18, 2023
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Daniel Edward Aykroyd is an Ottawa, Ontario-born Canadian actor who is best known for his work as a cast member in “Saturday Night Live”. Born on 1 July 1952, Dan Aykroyd is of French-Canadian descent, and is also a successful comedian, screenwriter as well as musician, also widely known for being an originator of series like “Brothers” as well as “Ghostbusters”, Dan has been active in the entertainment industry since 1971.

A noted comedian, actor as well as a successful screenwriter, how wealthy is Dan Aykroyd? As of 2015, Dan counts his net worth at generous amount of $135 million, most of his wealth having been amassed from his career in movies and on television, with assets including a multi-million dollar mansions in Pacific Palisades in USA as well as in Loughborough Lake in Ontario, Canada. Although a citizen of Canada, Dan is lives permanently in the USA.

Dan Aykroyd Net Worth $135 Million

Born to an affluent family, Roger was raised in the Catholic Church. He studied criminology and sociology in Carleton University after being educated at St. Patrick’s High School, but before graduating from college, Dan dropped-out to pursue a career as a comedian, and started appearing in Canadian television series like “The Hart and Lorne” and “Terrific Hour” among others. He initiated his career in American television as a writer for “Saturday Night Live”, and later also became a cast member in the show, the youngest in the show as the time. As he gathered fame and added to his net worth from this show, Dan became a prominent face in the American entertainment industry.

In his long career span which is still going strong, Dan has been a part of many high-grossing movies like “Ghostbusters”, “My Girl” and “The Blues Brothers” to name some. His notable work in television includes his roles in series like “Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal”, “Soul Man”, “According to Jim” among many. Famous for his multiple skill-sets, Dan has made a name wherever he has worked, be it in the entertainment industry or in businesses. A noted entrepreneur, Dan has been popular in vodka production, as the co-founder and owner of “Crystal Head Vodka” which has become popular very quickly. As of now, this sixty-three years old talented personality has been keeping himself busy in his favourite place of work, the show business of America.

Talking about his personal life, Dan has been married to Donna Dixon since 1983. Donna is also an American actor who co-starred with Dan in movies like “Doctor Detroit”, “The TCouch Trip” and several others. the couple has three daughters. A terrific actor as well as an interesting personality, Aykroyd is also an honorary member of “Hind’s County Sheriff’s Department’s Reserves”. On top of that, he has also been inducted on to “Canada’s Walk of Fame”, and has been honored by Carleton University with a Doctor of Literature degree.

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