Chelsea Houska Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Chelsea Houska was born on 29 August 1991, in Vermillion, South Dakota USA, and is a television personality, best known for appearing in the television show “16 & Pregnant”. Now she also has over one million Twitter followers, and her life is followed by many young women all over the world. Chelsea has already had many ups and downs in her life, but she has been able to overcome all of them, and now apparently lives a successful life.

If you consider how rich Chelsea Houska is, it can be said that sources now estimate that Chelsea’s net worth is over $120,000 dollars, the main source being her appearances in various television shows. In addition, Chelsea has graduated from cosmetology school, and is planning on working as a cosmetologist. Maybe she will even start her own business soon, which would undoubtedly help her net worth to grow.

Chelsea Houska Net Worth $120,000

Chelsea was one of those popular high school girls’ who participated in various school activities, until she became pregnant at the age of 16, and there’s no doubt that this changed her life completely. In 2010 Chelsea became a part of the television show called “16 & Pregnant” in its second season. This show follows the lives of pregnant teenagers and portrays the difficulties of pregnancy and raising a child, especially as an unmarried teenager. Chelsea’s pregnancy was quite difficult, as her daughter was born five weeks premature in 2009, and had to stay in hospital for some time suffering from jaundice – not uncommon in premature babies. What is more, Houska had some serious problems with her boyfriend, but which she was able to overcome and start a relatively normal, if single life at the time, with her child. The show not only had a huge impact on the growth of Chelsea’s net worth, but also made her famous in various parts of the world. She soon gained many fans and followers, numbered in the millions, who apparently admire her strong personality and ability to solve her problems.

In addition to this, Chelsea has appeared in another television show, a spin-off called “Teen Mom 2”, which has also added considerably to her net worth. In addition to her appearances in these television shows, Chelsea has always dreamt of becoming a hairstylist and in 2013 after achieving her GED, she was able to graduate from cosmetology school and maybe soon she will be able to fulfill all her dreams. Overall, it can be said that Chelsea is a very strong personality, who has experienced considerable hardships in her life, but was able to restart her life, and now is a more successful person than once seemed likely.

In her less-than-private personal life, Chelsea married Cole DeBoer, a business graduate, in October 2016, and had their son in January 2017. They are living in the house she apparently bought with her TV salaries.

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