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July 13, 2023
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Chandler Riggs was born on the 27th June 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He is a child actor who rose to fame after landing the role of Carl Grimes in the television horror drama series “The Walking Dead” (2010–present). Chandler Riggs has been accumulating his net worth as a child actor since 2005.

The 16 year-old actor is already a millionaire, as under the latest estimations Chandler Riggs’ net worth is equal to $1 million. Reportedly, he earned the salary of $83,333 for his role in “Jesus H. Zombie” (2006), $62,500 for his role in “Get Low” (2009), $57,143 – “The Wronged Man” (2010), $51,282 – “Terminus” (2011) and $43,478 – “Mercy” (2014).

Chandler Riggs Net Worth $1 Million

Chandler Riggs was born to parents William Riggs and Gina Ann Carlton. He and his younger brother Grayson were raised in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Chandler Riggs is nicknamed Chandler Craft. The actor’s career started with the role of Munchkin in the play “The Wizard of Oz” (2006) in the Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Then, he was invited to play the role of the zombie named Egon in the feature film directed and written by Daniel Heisel “Jesus H. Zombie” (2006). The Toronto International Film Festival premiered the drama film “Get Low” (2009) directed by Aaron Schneider, in which Riggs was cast as the star. Even though the film received positive reviews and was awarded in several festivals including the Hollywood Film Festival, it failed at the box office reaching only $9.7 million whereas the budget was $7 million. Later, Riggs appeared in the drama film “The Wronged Man” (2010) directed by Tom McLoughlin . It should be noted that Chandler Riggs appeared in the main roles of the short film “Terminus” (2011) directed by Solomon Chase as well as the thriller film “Mercy” based on Stephen King’s short story, directed by Peter Cornwell. Soon, the new horror thriller film “Home Invasion” (2015) directed by Sean Carter will be released in which Riggs also landed the star role.

However, the most important role Chandler Riggs has landed was on television. He is starring in the horror drama television series “The Walking Dead” (2010–present) developed by Frank Darabont. The series received widespread critical acclaim as well as achieving high ratings during every season. Chandler Riggs was nominated for two Young Artist Awards for the Best Performance in a TV Series by the Leading Young Actor in 2012 and 2013. More, he won a Saturn Award for the Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series in 2013 and Saturn Award shared with the cast members for the Best Cast in Television Series in 2012. In fact, the series has not only brought fame to this young artist but also increased the total size of Chandler Riggs’ net worth.

Concerning the everyday life of Chandler Riggs, he is like a normal teenager who loves playing computer games like Minecraft and others. Despite his young age, he is active in charity events: he helped to raise money for the Isaiah Alonso Foundation in 2011.

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