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April 18, 2024
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Cassidy is the nickname of famous American rapper Barry Adrian Reese, who is also known as a record producer, actor and songwriter. During his musical career Cassidy has been able to gain net worth as amazingly high as $5 million, and this is the main reason why nowadays Barry is considered to be not only one of the richest personalities in the US but also one of the most influential musicians of our times. He has already released 4 studio albums: “Split Personality” in year 2004, “I’m a Hustla” in 2005, “B. A. R. S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story” in 2007, and “C. A. S. H.” in the year 2010.

Cassidy Net Worth $5 Million

Barry Adrian Reese was born on July 7, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Cassidy started his musical career in 2004, when his first album, “Split Personality”, was released. And we definitely can call it a really successful beginning, as Cassidy’s net worth increased immediately. “Split Personality” was able to hit number 2 on the US Billboard 200 and also was top of the R&B chart. In the same year, two singles were released: “Hotel” featuring American singer and songwriter Robert Sylvester Kelly and “Get No Better”, released together with Mashinda.

After such a great beginning it is no surprise that Cassidy released his second album, “I’m a Hustla”, only one year after. It was a little less successful than the first one, but still the net worth of Barry Adrian Reese increased immediately one more time. Of course, this was not the end – just two years later “B. A. R. S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story” was released. Unfortunately, the third album could not reach such high places on the charts as the previous ones did. Maybe the reason for that was the topic of lyrics – there Cassidy sings about his relationship with society, god, and furthermore, Barry tried to reveal his way to independence. As we all know, these topics are not popular in the sphere of show business, and this may be the reason why the album could not reach such a high number on the US Billboard chart, and was only 10th on the global chart. However, it still hit number 2 on the US Billboard Top Rap Albums, and Cassidy’s net worth was increased again.

Unfortunately, Cassidy was not able to become as successful as he was several years before. His most recent album, “C. A. S. H.”, was released in 2010 and actually did not become such a break through hit as Cassidy could expect it to be. It was absolutely lost in the Billboard charts and actually could not make a big influence on Barry Adrian Reese’s net worth. However, it looks like Cassidy still does not plan to end his musical career, and he has the chance to return to his former popularity. So now you know all about how rich Barry Adrian Reese is, also known as Cassidy, and you know everything about Cassidy’s net worth.

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