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November 21, 2023
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Casey Myers was born on 1974, in the United States of America. He is a sports agent executive and entertainment executive, perhaps best known to have owned the Arena Football League (AFL) team, the Los Angeles Avengers. He is also known to be the son of philanthropist Lynne Wasserman, and Jack Myers, but all of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Casey Wasserman? As of late-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $200 million, mostly earned through business and family wealth. He is the CEO of the Wasserman Media Group which owns numerous media companies. As he continues his career it is expected that his wealth will increase.

Casey Wasserman Net Worth $200 million

Casey’s parents divorced, and he adopted his mother’s maiden name. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles(UCLA) from where he would graduate with a degree in Political Science. As he was growing up, he was taught a lot by his grandfather Lew Wasserman who was the head of the Music Corporation of America.

After graduating in 1995, Casey would work as an investment banker. In 1998, Casey started to gain more recognition when he purchased the Arena Football League (AFL) team, the Los Angeles Avengers for $5 million. He became the chairman of the league and would be responsible for developing a national television partnership with NBC. He also made a collective bargaining agreement with the players, however in 2009 Wasserman terminated the LA Avengers membership in the AFL.

In the same year that he purchased the team, Casey started the Wasserman Media Group which was a talent management and sports marketing company. In 2002, WMG would acquire another sports company called Envision, and also purchased the representation firm, The Familie. Two years later, they would then buy 411 Productions, later relaunching it as Studio 411. Studio 411 is responsible for financing, sponsorships, and distribution of support. The company would try to acquire athletes in skateboarding, BMX, and freestyle motocross, however their efforts were unsuccessful.

In 2006, the Wasserman Media Group would acquire Arn Tellem’s sports agent business, a deal which would attract a lot of sports agents to the company. They would then acquire soccer agency SFX which was based in the UK, and thanks to this acquisition, WMG began representing various players such as Tim Howard, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, and Steven Gerrard. In 2007, the company continued its expansion by purchasing OnSport, and four years later they also bought the advisory firm Reel Enterprises. In the same year, they would also acquire SFX Golf. All these activities helped add to Casey’s growing net worth.

For his personal life, Casey is married to Laura Ziffren, It is known that Wasserman is the CEO of the Wasserman Foundation, founded by his grandfather in 1952, and which focuses on charity. He also sits at two of the three boards of the directors of the Motion Picture and Television Fund. In 2015, Wasserman advocated that Los Angeles would bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics and the following year, he co-chaired a fundraiser for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

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