CaptainSparklez Net Worth

March 19, 2023
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Jordan Allen Maron was born on 10 February 1992, in Los Angeles, California USA, and uner the name CaptainSparklez, is known as a YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer, who plays video games such as Minecraft, and also uploads parody videos.

So just how rich is CaptainSparklez as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this YouTuber has a net worth of $3.4 million, accumulated largely from his career in the mentioned field. Being active on YouTube, every time an ad is displayed in his videos, Maron makes money. His assets include his blue satin chrome Ferrari 458 Spider, which he revealed to his fans through a vlog on his other channel, Jordan Maron.

CaptainSparklez Net Worth $3.4 Million

CaptainSparklez’s first channel was entitled ‘’ProsDONTtalkSHIT’’, and he used it to post gaming videos, playing games such as ‘’Call Of Duty’’ in a partnership with Machinima. However, he had to create a new channel, as he was using explicit words on his first channel. He made his first video on his ‘’CaptainSparklez’’ channel in 2010, releasing ‘’Your Captain Is Speaking’’ which has been viewed more than 400,000 times as of today. He quickly followed by making ‘’It’s My Crack, and I Need It Now’’, and ‘’Call Of Duty…and Science’’, with all of the mentioned videos being the play-throughs of ‘’Call Of Duty’’; the former video has been watched more than 35,000 times, and the latter 70,000 times, certainly boosting his net worth.

Continuing to work hard, CaptainSparklez’s was gaining more recognition in the community, and in August of the same year he made ’’Vicious Kitteh Attack!’’.  He went on to play Minecraft, another worldwide known game, and make music videos using it, and thus in 2011 he released ‘’Revenge – A Minecraft Original Music Video’’, which is now his most viewed video ever, having been watched more than 170 million times, which has certainly had a significant role in CaptainSparklez’s career. In the same manner, he uploaded ‘’Take Back The Night – A Minecraft Original Music Video’’, which also went viral, having been watched 122 million times as of today, and in addition, in 2012 CaptainSparklez made the video entitled ‘’Fallen Kingdom – A Minecraft Parody Of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida’’, which also received generally positive reviews from the audience, all adding to his net worth.

According to CaptainSparklez’s’s schedule, he uploads two new videos every day, working at a steady pace. His latest videos include ‘’Actually Catastrophic Failure’’ and ‘’Top 19 Christmas Gifts’’, which was watched by over 150,000 people within 14 hours of its release. Overall, his channel has over 10 million subscribers, and has attracted a billion views. In addition to having this channel, he is also active on three other, Jordan Maron, Maron Music and CaptainSparklez2.

When it comes to CaptainSparklez’s private life, being an internet personality, he naturally shares a lot of information with his audience, but not about his love life. He opened up about his life in the video entitled ‘’Draw My Life’’, talking about his upbringing, the separation of his parents, and moving to Santa Barbara to live with his grandmother. He revealed that he enjoys doing gymnastics. He is active on social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter, followed by over 900,000 people on the former. He featured the members of his family in his vlogs.

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