Cameran Eubanks Net Worth

April 29, 2023
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Cameran Eubanks is an Anderson, South Carolina-born American television personality as well as a real estate agent best known for her appearance in the MTV reality TV shows “The Real World” and “Southern Charm”. Born on 21 November, 1983, Cameran was brought up in an affluent upper class southern family. She has been active in the field of entertainment since 2004.

A well-known reality television star, one may wonder how rich is Cameran Eubanks? As estimated by sources, Cameran enjoys a net worth of $500,000 as of early 2016. She has managed to amass her wealth by appearing in several reality television shows while her career as a real estate agent has also earned quite well for her over the years.

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth $500,000

South Carolina-raised Cameran’s parents were divorced when she was in high school. In 2004, Cameran started gaining popularity and fame as she was cast in the reality television show “Real World: San Diego”. In the show, she presented herself as a “Southern Belle” and showed her feminine side while also showing that she’s equally capable of becoming an independent woman. A woman who can direct an army while also being her daddy’s little girl, Cameron is noted mostly for her warm, friendly and down to earth nature that she depicts in the reality shows.

After “The Real World: San Diego”, Cameran started appearing in the show “Southern Charm” along with her co-stars Shep Rose, Thomas Ravenel, and others. Well noted for the beauty and grace with which she carries herself in her shows, Cameran has managed not only to gain fans and followers from her television appearances, but has also earned wealth over the years. She is also known for her love of pranks, and hanging out with the boys. Apart from her first appearance on the show in 2004, Cameran has also appeared in the two more reality shows of the MTV franchise such as Real World/Road Rules Challenges (“Battle Of The Sexes 2” and “The Gauntlet 2”). She currently stars in the show “Southern Charm”. Obviously, being a part of all these successful reality television shows has managed to earn thousands of dollars for Cameran over these years.

Apart from reality shows, Cameran also has a career as a real estate agent, and her work as a broker also earns her money regularly.

As for her personal life, 32 years old Cameran married Dr. Jason Wimberly on 12 April, 2014 in a private ceremony. Now a settled woman, Cameran still enjoys her appearances on television and likes to hang out with her friends. Nicknamed as KIlla Cam or Cam, she is also noted for her naïve nature that she showed in her first reality TV show. However, at the present, she is more liked by her fans for keeping in touch with her good side on the show. As of today, she enjoys her net worth of $500,000 as it caters to her daily life.

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